El grafito es la materia: resultados del taller

On October 28, I taught the workshop “Graphite is the Matter” in Budapest, as announced. I have plenty of stories and drawings to share about my recently trip to Hungary, but I’m starting with this workshop. The workshop was planned by me and the local artist and friend Cecilia Simonyi. It was approved as an […]


En agosto tuve la suerte de pasar unos días en Budapest y Viena, dos ciudades que siempre había querido visitar. Budapest era impresionantemente bonita, mucho más de lo que esperaba por las fotos. Pero también hacía un calor insoportable. Vivíamos cerca del parlamento y su cúpula se podía ver desde [...].


The famous socialist “people´s car” was fabricated in Zwickau, East Germany. The Trabant was launched between 1958 and 1990. One had To pay half the price in advance and wait from 6 to 8 years to finally own it. Trabant was the most common vehicle in East Germany, and was also exported to countries both […]

¡¡FELIZ 2010!!

Every year I produce my own Christmas Card, but this one is very special for me… I made this sketch of the Hungarian Parliament building during the days I spent in Budapest, in last October. My grandparents were born in Hungary, in a small village close to Austria, but my grandmother spent 10 days in […]

Mi viaje a Budapest

Back in October, I spent five days in Budapest. I had always dreamed of visiting this marvellous city, and finally found myself ticket in hand, boarding a plane. What a gorgeous city! Bridge after bridge over the snaking grey Danube, ornate building façades, yellowing trees shading wide avenues— I fell in love. I ended up […]