Sketching en Lanzarote: Día 15. ¡Empapado hasta las bragas!

[by Lynne Chapman, from England, in Lanzarote] Our last day! We drove back up to the area near Maguez, where we had walked the day before. We couldn’t do a proper hike, as we didn’t want to get all sweaty before flying, so I sat amongst the yellow flowers and sketched, while John pottered and took […]

Sketching in Lanzarote: Day 14. Three Volcanoes

[by Lynne Chapman, from England, in Lanzarote] We drove north of where we were staying, to the beautiful hills above the tiny village of Maguez. This end of the island is much more lush. We walked through a field of brilliant, yellow flowers and sat on a rocky outcrop overlooking this valley, with its gorgeous […]

Sketching en Lanzarote: Día 13. El Parque de los Volcanes

[by Lynne Chapman, from England, in Lanzarote] We were driving through the volcano park in the south west of the island. This is a stunning place, where every turn in the road reveals yet more shapes, colours and textures. I was desperate to get out and paint, so John pulled up and I sat beside […]

Dibujando en Lanzarote: Día 12. Volcanes y Cactus

[by Lynne chapman, from England, In Lanzarote] We walked another route from the hills down to the sea, pootled along the coast, had a quick paddle to cool our feet, then walked back up to Haria by a different valley. The return journey took us past a good view of the volcano, La Corona, the same one a painted […]

Dibujando en Lanzarote: Día 11. ¡Arena por todas partes!

[by Lynne Chapman, from England, in Lanzarote] This was a day of two halves again. In the morning, we visited another of Manrique’s projects: his house on the lava field at Tahiche. Then, after lunch, we went for a walk along the beach beneath the Famara Cliffs (which I painted earlier in the trip). It […]

Sketching en Lanzarote: Día 10. Un poco de fama

[by Lynne Chapman, from England, in Lanzarote] After a day of walking in the hills, we treated ourselves to a coffee at the same little street café as the day before. Then we sat down at the sea edge. The colours were so vibrant. It was mesmeric, watching the sea crashing over the rocks and gradually filling […]

Sketching en Lanzarote: Día 9. Conociendo a los lugareños

[by Lynne Chapman, from England, in Lanzarote] At the end of the afternoon, after a day of sightseeing, we stopped off at a lovely little place just down the coast called Punta Mujeres. We sat outside a street café which overlooked the water, while I did a quick sketch. I experimented with a coloured line, […]

Sketching en Lanzarote: Día 8. Día de mercado

[by Lynne Chapman, from England, in Lanzarote] On the Saturday, it was market day again in our village of Haria. The week before, it had been freezing, with a really nasty wind, but this week was much warmer, so we hung around all morning, soaking up the atmosphere. We had a very chilled time, hanging […]

Sketching en Lanzarote: Día 7. Manchas, rayas y barrancos

[por Lynne Chapman, de Inglaterra, en Lanzarote] Decidí volver a pintar al día siguiente, pero ser lo suficientemente valiente como para trabajar en mi cuaderno de bocetos de acuarela A3. Para ser justos, no se trataba sólo del factor de intimidación de un libro grande y caro: también es bastante incómodo, cargar con un libro A3 bajo el brazo mientras [...]

Sketching en Lanzarote: Día 6. ¡Cinco en un día!

[Si has seguido mis entradas anteriores, te habrás dado cuenta de que, en la mayoría de los días hasta ahora, he sacado tiempo para hacer un solo boceto mientras estaba con John, en lugar de salir a dibujar durante el día. Así que pensé que ya era hora de hacer algunos bocetos en serio. Aunque esto fue [...]