Ir a dibujar más a menudo

Por Laura Frankstone en Chapel Hill, Carolina del Norte. Cada vez hago menos bocetos. Pinto más, ilustro más, pero dibujo menos. La solución a este problema para mí, dibujante desde los 2 años, parece ser seguir mi propio deseo de simplicidad. Lápices, papel y lo que a mi ojo le atrae, perdón por la expresión. [...]

¡Reseña del espectáculo Urban Sketchers en la tienda del Museo Ackland!

¡Buena cobertura de nuestra exposición por Blue Greenberg, crítico de arte desde hace mucho tiempo en el Durham Herald-Sun! 2 hrs 45 mins ago | 143 views | 0 | 4 | | Submitted/ Courtesy of Ackland Museum Store "Tuscany II," by Laura Frankstone, is on view at the Ackland Museum Store, part of the exhibit "Urban Sketchers." Enviado/ Cortesía de Ackland Museum Store "Union Square," de Greg Betza, se expone [...]

Comer en Chapel Hill, NC

Si has venido a ver la exposición Urban Sketchers en el Ackland Museum Store, te encontrarás en un paraíso gastronómico. Aquí tenemos algunos restaurantes de renombre, uno de los cuales es Crook's Corner, "un lugar sagrado para los amantes de la comida", según el New York Times. La comida es estupenda y [...]

Sleepy Sunday morning, Chapel Hill

I wanted to make sure to get some July sketches posted, so here they are. It’s overcast, very hot, and quiet today. I hope for rain.

Eating gelato

You would think that people sitting in a café that sells gelato, espresso drinks, cakes, and martinis would be happy. I thought they were happy as I drew them, if I thought about it at all. When I got home and looked at the faces in my sketchbook, I saw a different story. Was it […]

Bocetos de boutiques

I love the clothing shop run by two dear friends and have long wanted to sketch some vignettes of its interior. Here are three. Next time, I hope to include Amy and Katherine in the drawings… they were busy with customers when I made these.

You will have more adventure!

Like all Urban Sketchers, I’m always at the ready for adventure! I was so happy when my fortune cookie told me I had more in store soon. It’s not the Oracle of Delphi, my fortune cookie, but it knows what it knows. And like all Urban Sketchers, I like to be on the move. Here […]

Two restaurant vignettes, my town

I’m making lots of food illustrations for a foodlovers’ guide to our area, so this means I’ve been eating in lots of restaurants lately. Here are two recent sketches from all that dining! I also took a few moments to sketch President Obama last night, at his health care press conference. I added color today. […]

All around the town, with pen and paint

In the midst of a busy summer, I eked out a few sketches recently, three for the 23rd International Sketchcrawl yesterday and one, because why not. Happy July to one and all!