El desafío de Copenhague

[by Fred Lynch in Copenhagen, Denmark] On a recent trip to Denmark, I tried to challenge myself to sketch quicker and with a broader variety of media. Ordinarily, I’m pretty consistent with my approach… and result. I’m a long-form sketcher who is attracted to light and specifics in my work. I’m in no hurry. I […]

Los habitantes de Copenhague y Bagdad se reúnen en una cripta

[Mensaje invitado de Zofia Zelazny en Copenhague] ¿Qué ocurre cuando te presentas a un evento que has visto al azar en el feed de Facebook? Tuve la oportunidad de encontrarme con compañeros de clase de la infancia en un ambiente de vernissage elegante, y de ver instantáneas de la vida cotidiana iraquí en la calle, así como de experimentar la única iglesia de Dinamarca con un grafiti [...]

Flying Sketches

A few weeks ago I went to Copenhagen to meet my family. It was a nice weekend with perfect weather. I did some sketches that you can see on my blog omar-paint.blogspot.com The way back was a littte complicated. However it is funny how the perseption of an event has a lot to do with […]

Unos días en Copenhague

I went to Copenhagen to visit my brother. I usually visit him for Xmas. It is quite a different experience to be in Summer instead of Winter. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and I love to see the streets full of people and wonderful motives to sketch. When I arrived in Copenhagen I took the […]

En Copenhague, ¡con un cuaderno de dibujo!

I had scarcely four days—really only 3 1/2—but it was a fun trip nevertheless! Wow, the food in Copenhagen is absolutely beyond delicious, by the way. For my tastes, it’s the best that is going on in Europe right now. Anyway, I didn’t just eat. I made sketches, too. Here are few of them: Isn’t […]

Viajar por Dinamarca

Denmark is made up of a half-isle and a collection of islands, which often makes traveling from one part of the country to another quite time consuming as you have to rely on bridges and ferries to get about. This month I went for a weekend in Copenhagen, visiting friends and family. Since I’m situated […]


I went for a 5 day visit to Copenhagen in mid-February, and found time to go for a few walks, snap some cameraphone-photos and do a little sketching in between the meetings and socialising.   The temperatures were freezing, despite most days yielding full sun, so sketching was again a strictly in-door activity. I had […]

Grundtvigskirke Copenhague

Close to my brothers house in Bispepjerg is the Grundtvigskirke. The main facade is very impresive and resembles a church organ. The architect was Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint.


You know the feeling when you are in holidays with a lot of time to sketch but you don’t have a scanner arround to share your sketches? The drawings got accumulated till you are back into your enviroment with your beloved A3 scanner (yes, it was love at first sight). There is this need to […]


Hola, voy a viajar a Dinamarca, Copenhague en unas semanas. (del 14 al 17 de septiembre) ¿hay algún dibujante urbano con consejos? ¿hay alguien que pueda mostrarnos a mí y a mi novia los lugares de interés? Me gustaría conocer el talento local. No quisiera dejar este post sin un boceto, así que aquí va uno [...]