Jerusalem sketchbook -2

This is how it was actually relocated. Every stone has a number so they put together this old building as per numbers.

Trip to Jerusalem

In the end of this January I made an unexpected trip to Jerusalem. Unexpected because it was planned for the summer. But it’s came out I have to go now. I decide to visualize my every move. This helped me to concentrate. Especially in this high-tec streetcar. Also I saw some old and familiar see-sights […]

I’m in the house

Kandern, Germany. It seems forever since I’ve posted, and one of the main reasons is that I’ve been stuck in my house. This isn’t bad, really. I like my house, but I sometimes wish I had a bus or train to ride in the morning, or a chance to sit on a bench and sketch […]

Dos comidas

Two sketches done a while ago with a bic blue ballpoint pen and ecoline watercolors, at two different meals. At lunch time just above these lines and at dinner at the very top. In both drawings there´s Cristina (my wife) either on the left or the right side and colors were always applied to the sketches by memory after coming […]

diversión el domingo

He pasado una mañana de domingo muy divertida pintando y haciendo bocetos. La zona que he dibujado es el corazón de Pune, la zona de Kasba, a partir de la cual la ciudad de Pune creció de forma concéntrica hacia el exterior.

Último boceto en Oslo

When I first arrived to live in Oslo in 2008, the first location I discovered was this building, a terminal for one of the boat company, making the trip from Germany to Norway. It has always reminded me a sort of food factory. Before boarding or when you leave the boat you have to cross […]