villancicos en el capitolio de california

Sacramento, California: El pasado fin de semana fui a la capital de California para hacer unas compras navideñas de última hora, caminé hasta el centro y volví a bajar, terminando la tarde con un bonito boceto en el exterior del edificio del Capitolio. Desde aquí se gobierna el estado de California, [...]

the beat goes on

Sacramento, CA: This is The Beat, a beloved record store  which for twenty years has lived on the corner of J and 17th Streets in midtown Sacramento. It was the existence of this record store, with its huge stock of new and used CDs (including stuff I hadn’t even seen in the UK), that first […]

¿Carreteras? A donde vamos, no necesitamos "carreteras".

Sacramento, CA: Recently I finally got around to visiting the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento. As someone who likes sketching old cars but rarely sees enough of them, this was a real find, a real ‘can’t believe I hadn’t been here before’ kind of day. There were so many old vehicles there, arranged chronologically, and […]

say hello to my little friends

I have been enjoying this pleasant sunny January weather to get out and draw some more local fire hydrants, the few remaining styles of hydrant in Davis that I haven’t yet drawn. Some of the differences in style are subtle, but there. Only the white one is of the same as a previous style, but […]

bridges of sacramento

Two bridges across the Sacramento River in Sacramento, California. The I Street Bridge, above, which links to I Street (they really use their imagination when naming things around here don’t they!), is a swivel bridge in that the whole thing rotates when ships need to pass by. I sketched it from the Delta Queen riverboat, […]

Cosas olvidadas

My grandad’s chair and a few of his things. Please excuse the poor image quality, as I am without a scanner and have little light to work with!

dibujando la ciudad fluvial

A couple of weeks ago I popped across the Causeway to Sacramento, to do some shopping, draw some fire hydrants and meet up with the SF Bay Urban Sketchers for some sketching around old town Sacramento. They had just been to the new Crocker Art Gallery, we all stood by the Sacramento River and sketched […]

chicas guapas, chicos guapos

I went sketching on a very warm Tuesday in Sacramento, the capital of California. After stopping by the Streets of London pub to watch Brazil play North Korea, I wandered up J Street to the art store, and sketched two of the magnificent old colourful buildings opposite. This stretch of J Street in Midtown Sac […]

sacramento en tres actos

Sacramento un martes. Después de ver a Portugal empatar con Costa de Marfil, crucé la Calzada en autobús hasta la capital. El colorido e histórico teatro Crest, en la calle K, pedía a gritos ser dibujado. Es un edificio precioso, inaugurado en 1949 (aunque había un teatro allí desde 1913) No soy un gran [...]

vagón de cola suelto

Last week, I went to Old Town Sacramento with my good friend from London, and we sketched old trains. Old Sac is a touristy gold-rush cowboy yee-hah type district of California’s capital city, full of saltwater taffy stores, hat shops, colourful saloons and other such places. It’s right by the river, and the great yellow […]