De cero a héroe con iPad+Procreate-Santa Mónica, EE.UU.

Zero to Hero with iPad+Procreate Workshop Information 10am – 5pm (with a 1-hour break for lunch) Saturday 16 September, 2017 Santa Monica, USA Instructor: Rob Sketcherman Workshop Description Sketching and painting on an iPad is relatively new. Artists, illustrators and creatives of all stripes around the world have been turning to Procreate to conceptualize, sketch […]

Soleada Santa Mónica

[Por Shiho Nakaza, Virginia Hein y Tina Koyama en Santa Mónica, California] Tina: Hace un par de fines de semana, mientras visitaba a mi familia en Los Ángeles, tuve la suerte de dibujar con los que pronto serán los Urban Sketchers oficiales de Los Ángeles. En un magnífico día de cielo azul que fue un bienvenido respiro de la llovizna de Seattle, nos reunimos en el muelle de Santa Mónica, un popular [...]

An Afternoon Outing, Sketching by the Sea

by Shiho Nakaza, in Santa Monica, California I spent a bit of afternoon sketching with Pete Scully, who was visiting Santa Monica – his account of the weekend is here. While I’ve sketched at Santa Monica Pier numerous times, sketching together and chatting with a fellow sketcher made me look at the familiar scene with […]

Junto al mar en Santa Mónica

By Pete Scully, in Santa Monica, California Last month I went on a work trip to Los Angeles, at an Academic Advising Conference at UCLA, and since I had a weekend at the end of it I stuck around and went to Santa Monica, on the Pacific Ocean.On my last afternoon there I met with […]

Cometas de colores que perforan el azul plano del cielo

by Shiho Nakaza in Santa Monica, California USA The beach by Santa Monica Pier was transformed by colorful kites puncturing the usually flat blue of the sky this weekend when Kite Festival sponsored by Otis College took place. I used a mix of wet and dry brush strokes in the sky to show movement. Otis […]

Primer boceto del año... seis años después

by Shiho Nakaza in Santa Monica, California USA When I was accepted as correspondent for Urban Sketchers, I decided to sketch from life every day. More often than not, I do quick squiggles rather than a full-fledged painting, but I have kept that promise. This is the first of my daily sketches on New Year’s […]

Dibujar al sol

Los Angeles is having another dry year with very little rain. Having no cloud cover in the sky creates a very strong contrast between lights and shadows. While sunglasses are essential on days like these (Angelenos wear them for eye protection, not just to look “cool”), sunglasses can interfere with seeing accurate colors when sketching. […]

Atardeceres del año viejo y amaneceres del año nuevo

I’m a little late in posting my sketches while I fight off a lingering cold. I’ve been meaning to post some sunset sketches in Santa Monica last week to mark the end of the year – better now than never, right? 😉 I never tire of watching and painting the sunset over the ocean – […]

Glowing in the Dark

I went to Glow Festival in Santa Monica past weekend to see one-night-only art installations. This was the hardest sketch I’ve done all year since it was too dark to see what I was drawing and I later had to paint the sketch with layers upon layers of paint to darken the sky. I managed […]