Copa del Mundo de Brasil: Concurso de banderas gigantes en Sao Paulo.

There is another outstanding competition going on during the World Cup: two condo complex, near home in Sao Paulo / Brazil, compete to see which has the biggest flag. Both are huge! We’re talking about 60 meters (near 200 ft) tall flags! They weight 350kg (770 lb) and cost more than 7,000 USD each. The […]

Uruguay vs. Costa Rica: Aficionados decepcionados y un dibujante feliz

FIFA World Cup started a few days ago, and all boys of my family are talking and thinking only about the games. Every evening we have a gathering in our house, accompanied by happy or angry noises, depends on results of the game 😉 Last night I’d joined to my husband (who was born in Uruguay) and my son […]