Estoy dibujando al revés estos días

[Por Murray Dewhurst en Auckland] Todo gracias al Libro Gris, que me obliga a poner primero las luces sobre la página. Cuando funciona bien, ayuda a atajar la temida tendencia de "primero el lápiz" que intenta colarse de vez en cuando. Creo que cuanto más suelto sea el blanco inicial, más [...]

La guerra del tiempo se hace realidad

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland]   This pre-Victorian place in nearby St Mary’s Bay sold recently — first time for sale since the 30’s, and boy was it ridgy didge! It even came complete with it’s original laundry ‘copper’ in one of the outhouses and an outside toilet (providing easier access for the night soil man). […]

Sketching the past

[Suhita Shirodkar in California] The things that interest me seem to fall on two opposite sides of the spectrum: There are energy-filled places full of people that I love drawing. And when I’m not doing that, I am drawn to old relics from another time. Quiet, forgotten corners, fading signs, and stately old houses, sometimes […]

Casas de California en carbón

[By Suhita Shirodkar in Los Gatos, California] Here’s a question: Do you ever sketch on location in charcoal? I love the feel of vine charcoal , but it makes such a mess! I did this set of very quick little sketches of little Northern California homes and was a total mess at the end of […]