Problemas con el coche

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckand]  I’ve been having a few car troubles lately so have been in and out of the garage a few times. The good thing about having an old car is you have to go to a garage that understands old cars, and those garages are full of old cars – just […]

Calle de los Sueños

[By Tina Koyama in Seattle] Yesterday was my fifth year sketching at the Greenwood Car Show, probably my favorite summertime event. Subtitled “A mile and a half of classic rides,” the annual show brings together car enthusiasts and their shiny, souped-up vehicles from all over the Puget Sound region. 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible I’ve sketched […]

Caché de coches

[By Murray Dewhurst in Otaihanga and Paeroa]    A collection of kiwi cars completed over the last year, viewed in age order.  That’s an 1895 Benz Aero above – New Zealand’s oldest car – sketched at the Southward Museum in Otaihanga. Driving must have been a different experience in those days! This racing Stutz placed well […]

Un Kenworth Tour Bus de 1937 para Flaf

[By Gail Wong in Seattle, WA]I always wondered how Florian, Lapin and Gabi were  able to make these beautifully exaggerated drawings of cars and boats.  So thanks to the tip on drawing, I tried my hand on this 1937 Kenworth Red Tour Bus that was sitting in the Longmire Historic District right in front of […]

Homenaje a Florian Afflerbach

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland] Did you see Lapin’s call for contributions in this months Drawing Attention? Sketch a car while you’re at the Manchester Symposium, or if you can’t make it like me, post one in to be added to the Florian Afflerbach tribute wall. You can download this pdf for more information. I’m […]

El Palacio de los Fracasos

[by Murray Dewhurst in Auckland, New Zealand] Despite missing most of it’s wheels this Jag looks like it it’s ready to make a bolt for it. Austin Sheerline limo is unusual featuring ‘razor edge design’ and those enormous Lucas headlights usually seen on Rolls Royce and Bentleys. The current school holiday’s found me in Ohakune […]

¡oldies but goldies!

everybody knows my passion about old, vintage cars. I can’t pass by an old car without drawing it. I love imagining about their owners, highways they have crossed,memories they have witnessed and the stories behind their dust, scratches and broken parts. through my drawings I like to share their glamourous stories to remind their golden […]

Globos aerostáticos y coches de época

Levantar a mi familia y sacarla de casa un sábado por la mañana es como tirar de los dientes. Pero hoy ha sido una excepción. Nadie se ha quejado de la llamada de atención a las 7 de la mañana para subir en globo aerostático y en helicóptero al Museo Wings of History, un pequeño museo de aviones gestionado por voluntarios y centro de restauración [...]

"peugeot ville"

the real reason why I went to morocco is that I was invited to sketch some old cars in sidi al mokhtar, a small town between marrakech and essaouira, also called “peugeot ville”. on wednesday, for the souk, all the peugeot 404 of the area met on the main street to buy butane (they run […]

largo, demasiado largo...

even in barcelona, the winter is too long for those who like sketching outside. in a way, I feel like having a winter-sketcher-depression. I had to go out sketching in spite of the cold wind, but every time go back home with a sketch AND a cold. so this year, for the “rallye de barcelona-sitges”, […]