temps glacial, soirée, Munich

frosty weather, evening
Mis en ligne à l'origine par underwater passengers

so, this is not Moscow for now, I made this sketch when we sat in a cafe in Munich waiting for a train that would take us to the airport to go back home (put colors in photoshop later). Sorry, this is a little bit Kurt Vonnegut way of telling the stories, but that’s how our trip to Italy ended. It was a silent and freezing night. We just came on a train from Rome where we were sketchcrawling all the previous day, and now it was time to relax and make a good drawing of the moment.

I’ll insert other pictures from our travel here too, I just need time to fix them a bit, because they got bit damaged through all this roads.

ps. Ah, sketchcral results are here, I forgot, that I’ve uploaded them already to their blog.
I was in Rome when I read Gabi note here that Sketchcrawl is going on, so I examined the map of Rome and went straight into the city. I’ll surely tell more about that.


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