Seattle: water and mountains all around

After seeing Asnee’s poste about Bangkok and its canals I thought about telling you a little bit about Seattle and its geography.


From Kerry Park in Queen Anne Hill you get one of the best views of the city, with the Space Needle and also Mount Rainier (14,411 feet or 4.392 m.) in the distance if it’s a clear day. To the right is the Puget Sound, a bay that stretches all the way up to Canada with beautiful islands and provides habitat to a range of marine life, including orcas.


The fleet of ferries connecting the communities across the Puget Sound is the largest in the country. Some rides take as little as 30 minutes. You drive your car into the ferry, park and go up to the passenger area. The views are breathtaking.


There is more water around the city besides the Puget Sound. Lake Union is in the heart of Seattle and I’m lucky to have a view of it from my desk at work. It connects to the Sound through the Ballard Locks, a ‘mini’ version of the Panama Canal, and to Lake Washington east of Seattle through another canal. Lake Union is pretty small but Lake Washington is the size of Manhattan. Another big mountain, Mount Baker (10,778 feet or 3.285 m.) can be seen to the north of Seattle from my window on clear days.

So, ready for a trip to Seattle? Let me know!


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