Bad sketching day

About a year ago, I was so determined to sketch something I haven’t done, so I went to Tokyo Station to see it’s beautiful brick building and it took me about an hour and a half by train. When I arrived there, I realized that I made a bad choice. At that time Tokyo Station was undergone renovation and was fully covered with fence. So that I had to give up sketching the site. Then I took a train to Ueno Station and headed to Ueno Park to see Ueno Toshogu Shrine. It is said to have been built in 1627 (and re-built in 1651.) There again, I found it under restoration and was hidden by the fence! I gave up drawing it and then I went to Harajuku and headed to Meiji Shurine ( dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife.) Meiji Shurine is located in the middle of the busiest Shibuya-ku, Tokyo yet surrounded by sacred evergreen forest and you can feel very solemn air. There, you were prohibited taking photos nor sketching! I was totally defeated by the bad luck. I spent hours and some fares in vain. That evening I headed to Shibuya to see my friends and made one sketch from a popular meeting spot, at the Hachiko Bronze statue. This night view reminds me of that day, a bitter memory. But now I see it is not as bad as my memory. I hope I’ll have chance to draw those sites someday.

Shibuya night


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