Amsterdam - Symposium des urbanistes 2019

[Par Marina Grechanik, à Amsterdam, Pays-Bas] Essayer d'assumer une expérience aussi énorme qu'un Symposium d'Urban Sketchers n'est pas une mission facile. C'était mon 6ème symposium, et le fait de faire partie de cette organisation depuis le début, soit depuis 10 ans, ajoute au sentiment général quelque chose d'épique. C'est étrange de penser que 10 [...]

Amsterdam: A Sizzling Symposium

[By Tina Koyama in Amsterdam] As soon as I arrived, I could see immediately why Amsterdam had been an easy win as a symposium host. Its extraordinary architecture, well-designed urban spaces, geographic compactness and humanely flat terrain all made it an extremely appealing city for sketchers.   Amsterdam skyline sketched from inside NEMO cafe Arriving […]

Symposium USK Amsterdam 2019 (vidéo)

[Parka, Singapour] Un grand merci aux organisateurs du symposium USK Amsterdam 2019 de m'avoir invitée à couvrir l'événement. Comme tous les symposiums de l'USK auxquels j'ai participé, c'était incroyable et inspirant. J'ai rencontré beaucoup d'amis, anciens et nouveaux, j'ai dessiné et apprécié la beauté d'Amsterdam en même temps. Urban [...]

"Bonjour, Sketcher !" Réflexions du symposium 2019 de l'USk

[By Mark Alan Anderson, 2019 symposium correspondent, in Amsterdam] (An edited version of this story will appear in the September 2019 issue of Drawing Attention.) “For me the USk Symposium looks like finally meeting the cousins that you knew were loosely part of your family but never got the chance to meet. And now you […]

USk Amsterdam 2019: It’s About The People

[By Róisín Curé in Amsterdam] The 10th International USk Symposium has just wrapped up. It took place in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. The 9th USk Symposium was held in Porto, Portugal, in July 2018. One of the organisers, Nelson Paciencia, stood up to say a few words about the experience during the introduction one morning. […]

Amsterdam... La fin !

[By Gwen Glotin, 2019 symposium correspondent, in Amsterdam] This morning, the last day began as usual at the Zuiderkerk, where everyone looked for their workshop groups. I started with Charline Moreau’s workshop, which was dedicated to composition and titled “Compose A Sketch As A Theatre Stage – Give Depth To Your Front Views!”. It took […]

Le dernier Sketch Walk. Mission accomplie !

[By Orling Dominguez, 2019 symposium correspondent, in Amsterdam] Sadly, the last day of the symposium has arrived. The last sketch walk was set up at the NEMO Museum, which is a great place to host more than 600 people sketching together. I sat at the very end of the platform facing the museum and had […]

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ton sac ?

[By Mark Alan Anderson, 2019 symposium correspondent, in Amsterdam] Over the past couple of days of this symposium, I have noticed a shift in how I’ve personally engineered my kit. I began by carrying everything everywhere in a shoulder bag. It is roomy and made of heavy canvas and protected everything from a deluge last […]

Cherchez toujours une raison de faire le croquis.

[By Mark Alan Anderson, 2019 symposium correspondent, in Amsterdam] It is our final morning and everyone seems to be moving much more deliberately, much more slowly than we were two days ago. Traipsing single file out of the church courtyard, I follow a workshop group that will be led by Australia based architect Richard Briggs.  […]

Vendredi ! L'apprentissage continue...

[By Orling Dominguez, 2019 symposium correspondent, in Amsterdam] Friday already! I can’t believe how much I have learned during these past two days. As a correspondent I get to move around workshops, lectures, demos, sketch walks and any corner of the event. If you want variety and options, the symposium has something for each and […]