Allez-y simplement pour faire des croquis plus souvent

By Laura Frankstone in Chapel Hill, NC. I find I’m sketching less. Painting more, illustrating more, but sketching less. The solution to this problem for me, a drawer since age 2, seems to be to follow my own desire for simplicity. Pencils, paper, and what my eye is, you will pardon the expression, drawn to. […]

Critique du spectacle des Urban Sketchers à la boutique du musée Ackland !

Une belle couverture de notre exposition par Blue Greenberg, critique d'art de longue date au Durham Herald-Sun ! 2 hrs 45 mins ago | 143 views | 0 | 4 | | Submitted/ Courtesy of Ackland Museum Store "Tuscany II," by Laura Frankstone, is on view at the Ackland Museum Store, part of the exhibit "Urban Sketchers." Soumis/ Courtesy of Ackland Museum Store "Union Square," par Greg Betza, est exposé [...]

Manger à l'extérieur à Chapel Hill, NC

Si vous êtes ici pour voir le spectacle des Urban Sketchers à l'Ackland Museum Store, vous vous trouvez dans un paradis pour les gourmands. Nous avons ici des restaurants très réputés, dont le Crook's Corner, "une terre sacrée pour les gourmands", selon le New York Times. La nourriture est excellente et les croquis sont [...]

First Urban Sketchers group show opens August 16th in Chapel Hill, NC!

Chapel Hill, NC: Seeing the World, One Drawing at a Time: Urban Sketchers opens at the Ackland Museum Store, Ackland Museum of Art, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Lisbon sketch by Omar Jaramillo Opening Thursday, August 16th, will be the first group show of Urban Sketchers, an international organization of artists, architects, […]

Sleepy Sunday morning, Chapel Hill

I wanted to make sure to get some July sketches posted, so here they are. It’s overcast, very hot, and quiet today. I hope for rain.

Manger du gelato

You would think that people sitting in a café that sells gelato, espresso drinks, cakes, and martinis would be happy. I thought they were happy as I drew them, if I thought about it at all. When I got home and looked at the faces in my sketchbook, I saw a different story. Was it […]

Croquis de la boutique

J'adore la boutique de vêtements tenue par deux amis très chers et j'avais envie depuis longtemps de croquer quelques vignettes de son intérieur. En voici trois. La prochaine fois, j'espère pouvoir inclure Amy et Katherine dans les dessins... elles étaient occupées avec des clients lorsque j'ai fait ces dessins.

You will have more adventure!

Like all Urban Sketchers, I’m always at the ready for adventure! I was so happy when my fortune cookie told me I had more in store soon. It’s not the Oracle of Delphi, my fortune cookie, but it knows what it knows. And like all Urban Sketchers, I like to be on the move. Here […]

Two restaurant vignettes, my town

I’m making lots of food illustrations for a foodlovers’ guide to our area, so this means I’ve been eating in lots of restaurants lately. Here are two recent sketches from all that dining! I also took a few moments to sketch President Obama last night, at his health care press conference. I added color today. […]

All around the town, with pen and paint

In the midst of a busy summer, I eked out a few sketches recently, three for the 23rd International Sketchcrawl yesterday and one, because why not. Happy July to one and all!