Esquisser les petites choses

[Par Róisín Curé à Galway, Irlande] Eh bien, nous sommes en janvier, et certaines décisions spectaculairement imprévoyantes et inintelligentes du gouvernement irlandais nous ont laissé avec un taux d'infection terrifiant. Mes enfants, qui sont à la fin de l'adolescence et au début de la vingtaine, ont du mal à comprendre pourquoi leur vie est en suspens, puisqu'il est extrêmement peu probable qu'ils [...]

Vivre enfermé - S'en tirer à bon compte en Irlande rurale

[By Róisín Curé in Galway] The lockdown in rural Ireland (and urban Ireland) continues. I am one of the very lucky ones. I have a big garden full of trees, birds and flowers (and rats and many, many weeds), and I get on very well with my family. I’m not at all sick of them […]

Les enfants vont bien : Rester à la maison avec les adolescents

[By Róisín Curé in Galway] Who would have thought that a tiny little microbe could cause the world to stop in its tracks? Okay, lots of people, I guess, but I didn’t. I never thought about it. The last time I thought about viruses, apart from when someone in my family came down with a […]

Le Sketchkit furtif : N'importe quand, n'importe où

Sketching avec Hélio du Portugal, en visite à Galway [Par Róisín Curé à Galway] Que faites-vous quand vous voulez faire un croquis discret, quand vous êtes serré, quand vous êtes debout ? J'ai rassemblé quelques-uns des éléments que j'utilise tout le temps avec de nouveaux éléments, et j'ai une belle [...].

Le croquis urbain permet d'obtenir des aliments délicieux

[By Róisín Curé in Galway] I really love cheese, but when you are raising teenagers you’re not going to buy fancy hand-made cheese at fancy prices. They would have it all gobbled in a morning! So I do my best – I buy it in a supermarket and try to leave it at the right […]

Selfie Sketch (Ad Infinitum)

[By Róisín Curé in Galway] There’s a new cinema in town. It had a very difficult birth, and the building programme was stalled many times, but it’s done. And it’s great. Yesterday I took a young student of mine to see a movie there, as she’s studying Spanish for her final exams and there was […]

Hallowe'en à Galway

[By Róisín Curé in Galway] Every year since they were old enough for me to indulge my desire to dress my kids up (ie. under 1), my children have taken part in some kind of Halloween festivity. I swaddled them in every costume I could think of, some of them elaborate creations hot off my […]

SeaFest 2018, Galway : il n'y a rien de mieux pour un dessinateur de croquis

[By Róisín Curé in Galway] I was asked to sketch SeaFest 2018 by Galway’s Marine Institute. SeaFest is the annual celebration of all things marine in Galway – we are, after all, on the Atlantic Coast – and it took place over the weekend of 29th June to the 1st July in Galway Docks. Now, […]

"Expressing The West" : Atelier à Galway, Irlande, 17-19 août 2018

"Exprimer l'Ouest" avec Pat Southern-Pearce et Róisín Curé Galway City, Irlande de l'Ouest 17-19 août 2018 L'Ouest de l'Irlande, où l'idée que chacun se fait de l'Irlande prend vie - danseurs, musiciens et poètes dans les rues ; pubs traditionnels où vous êtes sûr d'entendre une histoire ou deux ; l'océan Atlantique à votre porte et [...]

Le barbier qui a de la volonté

[By Róisín Curé in Galway] The other day I received a text from my teenage son. He wanted to go to the barber’s after school. I said no, because it was a beautiful day and we have few enough of those, and I didn’t want to spend it at the barber’s when there were weeds […]