Another Sketch on Tuscany!

I was so busy lately but the landscape of Tuscany by Alessandro prompted me to post one of the sketches from my travel sketchbooks. I never got tired of vineyards after vineyards and olive trees after olive trees in Tuscany. The skyline of Tuscany was just breath taking when I first arrived at San Gimignano. […]


Mid January I drove into Italy for a few days sketching around Tuscany. First stop was San Gimignano. The alleys and architecture around the town are a sketcher’s paradise. Onto Siena via Monteriggioni Details around Siena & Florence. The light fittings around the Piazza del Campo in Siena are fantastic. The rich guy walking his […]

Towers of San Gimignano (2)

Following my project to draw and paint a serie of view of the ancient towers of San Gimignano those are three new sketches or portraits of the towers.

Tours de San Gimignano

With this post I’ll be sharing with you my new project: I will draw and paint a serie of view of the ancient towers of San Gimignano. There are 14 tower availables and I think to make about 5 drawings of each one. So it will take about 70 drawings and paintings. The first four:

Reportage from San Gimignano

This is my reportage of a walking through the streets of San Gimignano. San Gimignano is just 50 km far from Florence and it’s a nice little medieval town famous in the world for the 14 towers that gives to the town a skyline similar to NewYork. About every street gives the chance to observe […]