Siniawan – An Old Mining Outpost

[by Peggy Wong of Kuching, Borneo] When I was working for a heritage conservation architect, back in 2008, we documented every building in this old mining outpost, called ‘Siniawan’, for fear that it will one day be washed away by the king tide floods, which can reach up to the roof top of these shops.  […]

Voter pour une meilleure Malaisie

[By Peggy Wong, Sarawak], Malaysians nationwide and some abroad through postal votes, were fulfilling their civic duty by casting their vote for their government. At the General Election polling centres, cameras and mobile phones were forbidden, but there was no explicit instructions about sketching outside the polling rooms. Though the queues were long at the […]

Procession du temple de Kueh Seng Onn

[by Peggy Wong of Kuching, Borneo] On the 22nd day of the 2nd month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which fell on April 7th this year, the Kueh Seng Onn temple celebrated the temple deity, Se Wang Kong’s birthday with their great annual procession throughout the city of Kuching.  Giant chingay flags were interlaced in […]

Asia-Link Sketchwalk: Kuching 2017

[By Marni Zainodin in Kuching] I was looking forward to this event, ‘An event for nerds or introverts’ as Peggy put it. In fact, Asia-Link Sketchwalk Kuching 2017, might be the best thing for introverts to get together and be extroverted together. Sketchers like ourselves love it when Asian regional chapters come together to sketch […]