Je dessine à l'envers ces jours-ci.

[Par Murray Dewhurst à Auckland] C'est grâce au Livre gris qui m'oblige à poser d'abord les lumières sur la page. Lorsque cela fonctionne bien, cela permet d'éviter la tendance redoutée du " crayon d'abord " qui essaie de se faufiler de temps en temps. Je trouve que plus le blanc initial est lâche - plus [...]

Villa Torlonia

Going to the park, start to drawing with my cousin and see the Reality through new eyes, what a beautiful time to spend with her! I suggest you encourage everyone to draw with you: this is a practice that will change your perspective in many ways!


I’ve been enjoying drawing these old places we call ‘villas’ in my part of town. No idea how they came to be called Villas, as I’m pretty sure a Villa is really one of those ancient Roman houses made of stone or masonry. Our villas are made almost entirely of wood, built by decoration mad Victorians […]


I always enjoy walking past this funky old place in Ponsonby, all 3 (or is it 4, it’s really hard to tell) storeys grow organically up the bank to meet the road – even then it’s inhabitants need to walk up some stairs to meet the footpath. I Love the double doors to nowhere on the […]

Sauver le patrimoine d'Auckland

I live in a relatively new country which has very little in the way of built heritage. Christchurch, probably our prettiest city, lost almost all of their heritage buildings in earthquakes last year. Meanwhile for decades Auckland has been steadily destroying it’s character buildings in favour of often pretty hideous new structures. Lately old houses […]

Villa Lante

Every July I teach a college drawing course in Viterbo, Italy as part of Montserrat College of Art’s Summer Italy Program ( This year I took a short drive with my sketchbook from Viterbo to Villa Lante, a beautiful renaissance garden. Maxfield Parrish painted an illustration of the garden as part of his early book […]

SketchCrawl à VIlla Spada 18.04.2009

La Villa Spada est un endroit idéal pour dessiner. C'est une grande maison du XIXe siècle avec un grand jardin plein d'endroits et de vues incroyables. C'est la première fois que j'y suis allé et depuis, j'y suis revenu plusieurs fois. Voici une vidéo qui donne une idée. Dans le jardin, il y a un [...]