Coincé dans le trafic près d'Istanbul

[Guest post by Yerindeçizer in Istanbul, Turkey] Because of my job, I spend most of my time on the road. A few days ago, as I travelled on the D-100 near Istanbul, the police blocked the way because of a massive accident. While we were waiting at the car, I found my sketchbook and tried […]

Renouvellement du permis de conduire, Randburg

[par Cathy Gatland à Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud] Croquis de cinq heures passées à renouveler mon permis de conduire au centre d'immatriculation de Randburg la semaine dernière... C'était mon quatrième voyage là-bas, après qu'on m'ait dit les fois précédentes que c'était trop tard ; ils avaient le quota de 200 personnes qu'ils pouvaient traiter en une journée aligné [...].

L'attente continue

by Fred Lynch, near Boston, Massachusetts, USA Here is the next chapter of a continuing documentary of patients waiting at my doctor’s office. These are very quick portraits of my temporary roommates. Most, like me, are waiting to be punctured by allergy shots. We battle boredom as well as pollen – each in our own […]

Merci d'avoir attendu

by Fred Lynch near Boston, Massachusetts How do Americans anxiously await? Lots of new Waiting Room portraits from my ongoing series –  created quickly, at the doctor’s office. A study of patient patients.            

Attendre à nouveau

by Fred Lynch near Boston, Massachusetts A couple of months ago, I shared sketches of fellow patients at my doctor’s office. Here are some more. They’re quickly made – by necessity. I sit for twenty minutes each week following my allergy inoculations (a precaution, in case of an adverse reaction), and during that time, I […]


By Carol Hsiung Looking at my sketches, I realize that most of my sketches occur while I am waiting….waiting for the train….waiting to see the doctor….. I don’t like waiting. As a mother, there seems to be more waiting. I wait with the other parents. My sketchbook has saved me from the agony of waiting. Carol […]

En attendant...

Airports and places as such are filled with still or moving live models awaiting  to be drawn. Even if they do not suspect it…

Faire la queue...

Waiting in line at an airport´s gate is one of those moments where one should always have a sketchbook at hand to spend some time drawing. If on top of that, the plane in question has some kind of technical problem (?!) with one of the wings and the awaiting time extends considerably, having a […]

Une maison de la Fédération

I arrived 5 minutes early for my doctors appointment yesterday, so a great opportunity for a quick sketch the house across the road- a typical ‘federation style’ house from the 1900s that are very common through the suburbs in Sydney. I then added the colour while in the waiting room. I put my back out […]

More waiting.

Listen for it. Just wanted to maintain the waiting room theme. A great suspension in collective space. Sketchblog: DayBooks