10×10 in Lisbon

[by マーリオ・リンハレスポルトガル・リスボンにて] 。

のです。 Lisbon 10×10 program started past May 10th and the three Little Stories classes already finished. 

With all instructors present, we started inside the Editorial Department of Diário de Notícias, one of the oldest Newspapers of Portugal, with 20 attendees, Eduardo Bajzek, Rob Sketcherman and Omar Jaramillo as special guests.

1st Class: How to create a story? 

Start with the classical questions: who? how? when? where? why?

The title must be very attractive too. The sketch above, made by Ketta (the person who makes by hand the Laloran Sketchbooks) have this one: East-Timorese family adopts Masai family

And the story continues in Portuguese…

2nd Class: if you visit an Antique Palace where the Kings used to live, it feels like you travel in time to the past. The exercise, created by Nélson Paciência, was to choose one object, sketch it, and write describing it to a blind person. That allowed us to look careful to textures and small details obviously to the eye, but not so evident if you can’t see.

After that, we should sketch one room and write the possible conversations of the royal family! 🙂

3rd Class: Public Realm Objects, class taught by Pedro Loureiro, one of the Drawing Attention members team.

Can we select and sketch only the objects from a Square that are useful for the people? And leave everything else in blank? Challenging exercise! 

From all those objects, we had to pick one and do more sketches about it. At the end, we must show/sketch how the people use that object.

It was a great class. Very educative for the eye! 

Finally, last Wednesday, we started the Medium Stories, going to the oldest building in Lisbon: the Roman Theatre. The instructor was Guida Casella, with strong knowledge and sketching skills about archeology. 

We are having a lot of fun doing the 10×10 program in Lisbon! 




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Seeking:アーバン・スケッチャーズ・シンポジウムの未来の主催者。 あなたは巨大鉛筆の次の持ち主ですか?

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