Meet the correspondent: Chris Haldane > Sydney, Australia

Drawing has always fascinated me. If my family couldn’t find me when I was a little girl, all they had to do was go to the bookshelf, and there I’d be, drawing in their books! Following a career in teaching, I’ve recently completed tertiary studies in art and am reveling in the time I now have to indulge my lifelong passion.

Some of my sketches inspire large-scale works on paper or canvas, but most of them are purely for my own pleasure. Although much of my recent sketching has been centred on my travels, my favourite subjects at home are urban/industrial ones, especially demolition sites, and I find the stories behind them fascinating. I feel my work helps to document these fast disappearing sites for posterity. But I also love sketching construction sites, of which there are so many in Sydney at the moment, and particularly the cranes which hover over them, so much so that I’ve been nicknamed Chris Halcrane! However, I’m increasingly interested in the human side of urban life and am trying to include people in my sketches and document more than just places.

I’m one of the founding members of Urban Sketchers in Australia and am currently the Sydney organiser. I am really grateful for the enrichment that Urban Sketchers has brought to my life, not just in terms of sketching and the opportunity to attend symposiums, but also the new friends I now have to share my passion with! I look forward to showing you more of my wonderful country, and maybe some of you will visit us and enjoy it too!

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