Looking for the perfect subject, angle, composition, materials and tools to use etc can take lots of time and bog you down even before you start sketching. This approach is to bring these down to the essentials of a few tools, few techniques and few approaches so you can enjoy what you like to do in the first place: To jump right into sketching anytime, anywhere, and in any situation!


1) Sketching within a limited amount of time allows you to create better-looking work since it allows you to concentrate harder.

2) Sketching with a limited amount of tool set allows you to approach sketching situations faster.

3) Sketching with a limited amount of techniques allows you to capture the moment faster.


It will be in Boston MA, USA. The location will be convenient to go by public transporation or by car.

(Exact Location will be announced to the people that sign up)


2 separate days:

Day 1: September 1st (Sat)

Day 2: September 8th (Sat)



Number of participants:

Maximum of 15 people.


For this workshop, a 28 page booklet will be printed out and given to all the participants (Included in the fee). The booklet will cover everything listed below and major sections will be covered in detail during the session. Participants will have something to take home with them for reference later on too.

Introduction – 15 min


Tools/Technique/Tips overview. Small Demo. Overall approach/ Straight to ink – 10 min


Sketch on own – 45 min


Small Demo: Straight color to paper – 10min 

水彩画の道具と技法が取り上げられます。Sketch NOW" テクニックでは、色はパレット上で混ぜるのではなく、ほとんどがスケッチページ上で行われます。様々な色がどのように作られるのか、4つの異なるアプローチが示されます。色の混合を最小限に抑えることで、スケッチは早く仕上がり、水彩画でよくある混色の問題である色の濁りも起こりません。

Sketch on own – 45 min


Lecture/small demo: Finishing off a sketch: Annotation and Graphics/Logos – 10 min


Sketch on own – 45 min



1) Sketchbook. Any size/format that best works for you. Great news! I spoke with Stillman & Birn and they will be sponsoring this workshop with free sketchbooks for everyone! S&B brand is what I have personally used for the past several years and love it.

2) Fude Fountain Pen. These are the pens that have a bent tip to them allowing you to create thin to thick lines all in 1 pen. Various manufacturer’s make them (Hero, Duke etc) but my recommendation is the Sailor brush fountain pen.

(Pen alternatives: You can use other fountain pens or water proof pens (e.g. Sakura Pigma pens) if you would like but be sure to bring 1 thin and 1 thick). Here is an economy priced versions of the Sailor Fude pen which is quite nice.

http://www.jetpens.com/Sailor-DE-Brush-Stroke-Style-Calligraphy-Fountain-Pen-Bamboo- Green-Nib-Angle-55-Degrees/pd/4541

3) Ink: Since we’ll be using watercolor on top of the lines, it is best to use a converter for the fountainpens and pick an ink that is waterproof. Noodler’s black or Lexington Gray works very well, and so does Platinum Carbon Ink. (Please note: The cartridge ink that originally comes with the Sailor pen typically is not waterproof. Be sure to do a small test on your sketchbook prior to coming to the workshop to make sure that it’s waterproof. Also the level of waterproofness is determined by the relationship of the ink and the paper material so results will vary from people to people on the combination)

4) Water brush. 1 brush is all you need and it will easily last you a couple of years! Medium tip is a nice size.


5) 小さな水彩画キット。どんな水彩画キットでも良いのですが、もし持っていなければ、さくら鯉から素敵な入門キットを購入することができます。私はKoiを何年も使っていましたが、その後、色を抜いた外箱とホルベインの新色を追加して使い続けています。最低でも18色は揃えることをおすすめします。

http://www.jetpens.com/Sakura-Koi-Watercolor-Field-Box-Set-18-Color-Palette-Water-Bru sh/pd/2896

6) White Gel Pen Sakura Gelly Roll 08 is a nice white gel pen to add highlights in the end.


$50 お一人様
お問い合わせ先 mike@daikubara.com をクリックすると、空室状況と支払い方法が表示されます。



No refunds for cancellations received after August 18th, 2018.





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