Sketches at Euljiro, Seoul

[By Lee Yong-hwan in Seoul, Korea]       old fashioned Bangsan Market, traditional wholesale market, pen and watercolor  (35x51cm)     an old Japanese style house, pen and watercolor (29.5x42cm)    a scene of Sampoong Arcade and surroundings, pen and watercolor (29.5x42cm)   famous buildings around Sogong-dong viewed from Euljiro 1-ga, pen and watercolor (35x51cm) Months have passed without off-line sketch meetings. But passionate sketchers keep posting on-line without off-line regular meetup sketching. Last Saturday, usk Seoul held a regular sketch meeting at Euljiro in downtown Seoul. Euljiro has long been a hub of Seoul’s industry and business, and residential and commercial facilities coexist, and transportation is very convenient […]