USKワークショップ - Spirited Color, Line and Texture


USKワークショップ - Wink, Squint & Appreciate

Kumi Matsukawa is inviting you to her workshop Wink, Squint and Appreciate on December 18th in Amakusa City, Japan. Overview: This is a basic course to learn how to compose your subject quickly in your sketchbook with correct proportion, and to learn the way how to apply convincing watercolor wash that gives your drawings believable depth and dramas. Moreover, you will be encouraged to write text such as date, autograph, short stories or information in the page to make the drawing more appreciative journal to both viewers and yourself (the artist). Subscribe to this workshop by filling in this form. Workshop description: In the first half time you learn measuring […]

USKワークショップ - Let's Get Closer



It is our great pleasure to announce the winners of the USK Reportage Grant. We received 63 submissions from around the globe on a wide variety of topics. We are deeply touched by the humanity of the proposals, the sincere interest of our community for the world, and the creative approaches to the art of reportage and storytelling. The selection committee consisting of 6 judges has completed the final screening and the winners are: The Room, Paris (France) by Mathieu Letellier (aka. Mat Let) Chawls of Mumbai: “The Social Network”, Mumbai (India) by USK Mumbai Ripple Effect of a Historic Market, Pune (India) by Farah Irani Night People Street Portraits, […]