Going on a package tour means you travel with a group of people according to the schedule. Often you can see and visit many places without worrying extra expense… But you have less free time. Still I made the most of opportunity to have sketching. Day 1, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi ( five minutes sketch done while we were given 8 minutes to take photo of it) Day 2, A shop assistant in the Dubai Mall, Dubai. He offered me some sample tasting of tea. He said that he is from the Philippines. Inside the Dubai Mall. To see those Emirati people in this huge mall in their […]


One of the pleasures of this place is to go to the barber. I always had shaved myself but in the last month I have enjoyed the pleasure to get an emirati beard cut. And now I wearting a beard for the first time. You can see a picture of me with the beard on my blog. Here is a sketch I did some time ago in Abu Dhabi: After eating in a local emirati restaurant, Andrew got a haircut at an indian Barber shop. Check the fingers of the barber. He really holds the scissors like that. By the way I’m leaving for good today the UAE. I’m going […]

The restaurant at the end of the universe

That place from the famous radio show “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” from Douglas Adams is what came to my mind when I first saw this restaurant on the top of the Jabel Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain. The building stands isolated on the observation platform; sun and wheather have done their work fadding the red color of the sign that reminds you something come out from an Edward Hooper painting. There is something absurd in finding such a building here, I got the feeling that is out of place, an architecture not related to the place but transplanted through some kind of cosmic force here. But is at […]

Abu Dhabi Bookfair

The Abu Dhabi book fair got an illustrators corner this year were I made a lot of new friends (and did many portraits of them, you can see me painting on my blog) I never though about it, but bookfairs could be very good for making contacts and also for doing sketches. I did one of some emirati women sewing. They were in a stand from a book of the History of Emirati women clothes. And also in the Poetry Corner, where poets and writers gather to hear each others works. In the drawing: the fantastic poet Suheir Hammad on the left page and on the righ in the middle […]


The British Council hosted the Show Kathakbox from the Sonia Sabri company. This UK based dance company mixes traditional Kathak indian dance with hip hop and contemporary dance. A conference took place too days before the show. more about the company: The group offered two shows one in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai. I sketched the performance, too. It was really difficult to catch the movement, since some times they the dancers were really fast. You can see the performers dancing in my blog


友人のワセルとアブダビに出かけ、ヤス・ホテルをチェックするために立ち寄った。F1サーキットの中に広がる魅力的な建物だ。(外観のスケッチを描くべきだったが、建築家の友人のためにリンクを貼っておく)私たちはテラスラウンジでドリンク(ノンアルコール、フルーツコクテル)を飲んだ。素晴らしい空間だ。建物自体がこのメブレインで覆われていて、日光を遮り、面白い影を作っている。テラスは開放的な空間ですが、このメブレインに囲まれていると、室内は本当に居心地がよく感じられます。メブレインは夜になるとライトアップされ、絶えず色を変え、[...][ 続きを読む

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