USKエド・イベントタウンズビル・スケッチフェスト - 中止

Image credit: Gerakd Soworka  Dear sketchers Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I must unfortunately announce that Townsville Sketchest is cancelled for this year. This event was scheduled for Friday 5 – Sunday 7 June 2020 and also applies to the Magnetic Island sketch walk on Monday 8 June as well. This is due to the current advice of the Queensland and Australian Governments with respect to the safety of public gatherings. Unfortunately, the requirement to cancel all non-essential, organised gatherings of more than 100 people (indoor events) and 500 people (outdoor events) applies to Townsville Sketchfest as due to your amazing support we had 130 attendees (ticket holders, artists […]


[オークランド在住のMurray Dewhurstによる] 昨日、オーストラリアのニューサウスウェールズのコフスハーバーからニュージーランドのニュープリマスのNgāmotu Beachまで、タスマン海を史上初の単独カヤック横断を達成したクレイジーなキウイ、スコット・ドナルドソンに祝福を贈ります。この横断は2200キロの距離を漕ぐというとんでもないもので、大きなうねり、攻撃的なサメ、オーストラリアに戻るために吹き飛ばされる嵐に見舞われたそうです。彼の最初の挑戦は2014年にさかのぼり、大嵐と壊れた舵のおかげで岸からわずか80kmの地点で終わっています。あなたは、1つの恐ろしい試みが十分であると思うだろうが、彼は明らかに[...]である。


[Guest post by Richard Aitken, Melbourne, Australia]  March and April (our early autumn) is a great time for sketching in southern parts of Australia—the weather is mild and settled, with the threat of 40-degree scorchers behind us (hello America, that’s 104 degrees F). And where better to start than with this country’s fine stock of old pubs. Each major city and suburban corner seems to have a large nineteenth-century hotel, giving rise to fabulous Australian slang terms such as ‘wowser’ (one who holds puritanical views on the social issues, particularly in regard to alcohol) and ‘six-o’clock swill’ (the practice of accelerated intake prior to early closing of licensed premises, introduced […]


[Guest post by Angela Williams in Melbourne, Australia] Returning home always provides the opportunity to revisit places of precious childhood memories. For me, many of these memories are of weekend or holiday walks and picnics, usually along the coast. My Christmas summer holiday break is always spent with my independent 97-year-old dad and my extended family in Warrnambool, the town where I grew up, a three-and-a-half-hour drive from where I live in Melbourne. Warrnambool is a small city of 35,000 people, located at the end of the Great Ocean Road in southwest Victoria. I love the beach. The opportunity to swim or walk along the beach is tempting in any weather. […]


[Guest post by Rooi Ping Lim in Sydney, Australia] USK Sydney kicked off the 2018 New Year on a glorious summer day at Watson Bay, an iconic beach on the eastern suburb of Sydney. Watson Bay has lovely beaches, delicious seafood, views to awe anyone and abundant ‘sketchable’ spots for sketching-mad sketchers! A large group of sketchers embarked from Circular Quay on board the famous green and gold ferries and enjoyed the amazing harbour view along the way. It was like a great reunion – a few visitors from near (other states), as far as England and also new acquaintances. Drawing beach scenes posed many challenges for me. For my […]


[Guest post by Barbara Gao in Australia]  Over the Christmas break I went on a much anticipated trip to Australia. It was my first time setting foot in the Southern Hemisphere! After getting off a 14-hour red-eye flight, I arrived in Sydney at 9am. Although extremely jet-lagged and slightly delirious, I still set off immediately to explore downtown. We strolled along the harbor, and while taking refuge from the sun under the Opera House, I did a sketch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I imagined Australian summer to be dry like California, so the abundant clouds in the sky was a pleasant surprise. The hot spell continued the next day […]

コートハンガー - シドニーハーバーブリッジ

[By Chris Haldane in Sydney] As this is my first post as a correspondent, I thought I’d like to share something from my city that is loved by tourists and locals alike, so I’ve gone back through my sketchbooks to find the Sydney Harbour Bridge (affectionately called The Coat Hanger by locals) from various viewpoints. Along with thousands of others, I walked over the Bridge on its 25th and 50th anniversaries (when traffic was banned and it was open only to pedestrians) and felt proud to do so. Why are we so attached to it? It’s probably because it’s very much part of our everyday lives as a vital transport […]

Meet the correspondent: Chris Haldane > Sydney, Australia

Drawing has always fascinated me. If my family couldn’t find me when I was a little girl, all they had to do was go to the bookshelf, and there I’d be, drawing in their books! Following a career in teaching, I’ve recently completed tertiary studies in art and am reveling in the time I now have to indulge my lifelong passion. Some of my sketches inspire large-scale works on paper or canvas, but most of them are purely for my own pleasure. Although much of my recent sketching has been centred on my travels, my favourite subjects at home are urban/industrial ones, especially demolition sites, and I find the stories […]


[by Teo Cheng Huat ,Beijing, China] The Rozelle Collectors Market is Sydney’s favourite outdoor second hand, bric-a-brac and antique market. Good place to spend on weekend, food and entertain by local performance. Stallholders have been selling their pre-loved wares to an ever expanding audience in the grounds of the Rozelle Public School for over 20 years and the Rozelle Markets have developed a reputation as a brilliant spot for a poke about, a catch up with friends and place to bag some unique finds. This convenient open air market operates  every Saturday and Sunday, year round, and offers a beautiful outdoor setting alongside the historical buildings of the Rozelle Public […]