January on the F train in Brooklyn.

[Subway drawings by Sharon Frost]  Two books on the F train. On the way to Spanish class. The subway has become a home to me, in a way. It lets me live without owning a car. That’s pretty great!

In motion and waiting-in-place in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

[Drawings by Sharon Frost] It’s true I do a lot of drawing on the subway. Somehow public transportation invites depiction. It must be the combination of motion and the invitation to introspection: everyone is in their respective private spaces. The shared public-space-in-motion has fascinated me since I arrived in New York City in 1968. Drawing on the subway, drawing on the bus. It’s all good. Waiting rooms exert a pull on my pen as well. The public-space-in-stillness is a powerful counterpoint to the public-space-in-motion. I’m invisible in both situations — a necessary element for me when I work. I go to a lot of trouble to avoid being “made”. About every 5 […]


[Drawings by Sharon Frost] Above ground and underground. F train : Eye to Eye. F train. On the way to our last Spanish class of the term. We have an exchange in our building’s laundry room. I’d never seen handcuffs there before.Add caption It’s been a winter of extremes: cold, sometimes snow, sometimes rain. It’s a relief to be able to see out the window, to the horizon. Blog  Day Books

Cold winter drives us indoors in Brooklyn: looking at the urban landscape out the window.

[Drawings by Sharon Frost.] It’s been so cold this winter that when it snows, even the kids don’t always want to go out to play on Ocean Parkway. Wind-swept snow, wind-swept light. January’s Bomb Cyclone brought us horizontal snow. The last day of 2017: it’s cold on Ocean Parkway — too cold to go very far outdoors. Huddling indoors — wondering when I’ll be able to get back on my bicycle. Contemplating the fire escape on Ocean Parkway. Blog:  Day Books

On the subway and hanging out in Brooklyn.

[Drawings by Sharon Frost]  A cold winter means lots of huddling indoors, even if it’s on the subway. Cozy local bars are also welcome sanctuaries. When we first moved to our neighborhood, Kensington/Windsor Terrace, just over 20 years ago, bars and restaurants were relatively rare. Now we see places springing up all over the place, mostly due to the mixed blessing of gentrification. No question: it’s great to have places to hang out, but the glut of development and the rising rents and real estate prices are truly alarming, as are the increasing level of general congestion (cars, delivery trucks, street activity). I know we wouldn’t be able afford to […]



Botanical Garden

[By Pedro Cabral]   Brooklyn might not be the best place to sketch oriental temples but a downpour came and there was a roof just in front of the japanese pond and garden…

Interactions in Brooklyn: through the window, and on the F train.

[Drawings by Sharon Frost] We spend most of June preparing for our 2 month trip to Spain, while summer emerges slowly, the world seems crazy. We have new windows, but don’t always like what we see. On the way to dinner with Art, after over 2 hours on the phone with Iberia Airlines.. The subway offers us some transitional tranquility. Soft light from our new windows. (Kind of like the view through cleaned glasses.) En casa, looking at Canoa — a movie about a lynching in Mexico. Very tough stuff. Back on the F train in Brooklyn. Mysterious letters, instuctions. Some things it’s best not to know. Blog: Day Books

Enclosed spaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan: subway cars, the waiting room, the classroom, and the living room. We’ve (almost) all been there.

[Drawings by Sharon Frost.] Waiting room at Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Cardiology. Time slows. F train in Brooklyn: the illusion of being connected. F train in Brooklyn: passengers with skateboard. At home in Brooklyn. Watching Jeff Sessions obfuscating and avoiding questions before the Senate. In Spanish class in Brooklyn, trying to hold onto sanity in the Age of Trump. F train in Manhattan. Suddenly tranquility is shattered by a large group of adolescent tourists. Day Books

Life goes on in Brooklyn.

[Drawings by Sharon Frost.] As spring is evident everywhere. Idlewild Books in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Spanish class.  Our building’s spring tag sale, in Brooklyn. Coffee in the Brooklyn Commune on Prospect Avenue. Reflecting over coffee in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, with lamp and fire escape. Idlewild Books, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Presentation about Cuba with Havana Club. Blog: Day Books