[by Marion Rivolier in Paris] Each year, Urban Sketchers France, the group of French sketchers organizes a national meeting. This year, it was in Dijon, a beautiful and picturesque city in Burgundy. On Saturday, I start painting the “scenographic” house, a large curving courtyard, offering a real theater to visitors. The blue door is surmounted by an asymmetrical curtain that gives dynamism to the order of architecture. Life-size lions watch over this mansion. This morning, the light is superb, I play with the cold and warm shadows to make vibrate this space. Five minutes walk, I join the Museum of Fine Arts, opened shortly after a renovation. Yan Pei-Ming’s paintings and watercolors […]


[By James Hobbs in London] “When the world wearies and society ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden,” as the Minnie Aumonier quote goes. London’s garden squares, which I have blogged about before, can play the same calming role as a place of refuge and reflection. To sit in the 300-year-old St James’s Square during these warm autumnal days, with news of the Brexit agreement unravelling in parliament barely half a mile away, and economic uncertainty abounding, helps to get things in perspective. It is tempting, nonetheless, to make a link between nature’s seasonal decline and the UK’s continued fall as a nation of power and influence. Meanwhile, the […]


[Guest Post by Jose de Juan in Vancouver] After living in the UK for a couple of years I moved to Vancouver for work. Where London was a sketcher’s paradise with its variety of people, public transport, and monuments, Vancouver seemed a bit void of texture by comparison. But with some time to explore, its urban beauty reared its head as it often does if one keeps the eyes open. I arrived in late Spring. The abundance of small community gardens becomes apparent at this time. These are riotous patches of blooms and vegetables, haphazardly strewn in odd places like abandoned train tracks, public parks, street corners. They are often […]


[By Marcia Milner-Brage, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA] In autumn, the change of the season is always a shock, a poignant time, here in the Upper Midwest. In the first days of November, even with the waning light, tuberous begonias were at their peak in outside window boxes; my kitchen garden was still supplying peppers and fresh herbs; annuals and perennials were still offering brilliant color.  And then the inevitable: a cold, prairie wind brought the hard frost and blew down the leaves. And everything that required warmth died. The world outside went from vibrant color to a muted palette. Here, the backyard garden as seen from my studio window. […]


新年早々ローマから報告することはありませんが、美しい街とその遺跡がまだ残っていることは確かです。もっと真面目な話をすると、ワットーの3色だけで描く「トロワ・クレヨン」という技法の美しさを再発見できたのは嬉しいことでした。この発見によって、私のスケッチ道具はとても軽くなり、本を取り出してただ描く機会が増えました。カンポ・ディ・フィオーリ, 1.1.14, 水溶性鉛筆, モレスキン水彩画集 ローマの庭園と屋根, 3.1.14, 水溶性鉛筆, モレスキン水彩画集 ローマ、チルコ・マクシウム上の浴場、2.1.14, 水溶性鉛筆, モレスキン水彩画集

Some works from 2013 / Chehel Sotoun

Happy new year my dear friends. I wish health and happiness for all of you. Of course as I told here, new year begins with spring in Iran. Today is snowy in Isfahan after about 3 years and people are very happy. I decided to show you some of my new works of Chehel Sotoun palace. Chehel Sotoun is one of my favorite places in Isfahan with it’s really peaceful and beautiful environment. A lonely tree / the left sketch is by gouache I had shared some sketches and informations about this place and it’s garden here and here, but I tried this time to draw from new points of […]

Japanese Garden Festival

Just north of Los Angeles is Descanso Gardens, a lovely botanical garden in the foothills.  My favorite part is the Japanese Garden, which hosts an annual fall festival.  I am crazy about kimonos, and went to sketch a kimono show put on by the Los Angeles Kimono Club…and learned a few things about kimono dressing.  The show was introduced by Sensei Fumi Akutagawa by saying “kimono dressing is a learned art”.  Her students (of all ages, boys and girls, Japanese and non-Japanese) each paraded across an outdoor stage under the oak trees.  I wished I could capture more of the detail! Sensei Akutagawa, a master of many traditional Japanese arts, […]




19×19 cm, oil on panel, 2012 ロンドンの見識ある訪問者の皆さん、ご覧ください。ここは、東ロンドンでイギリスらしさを満喫できる私の2番目の場所です(1番はデニス・セヴラーズハウス、ごめんなさい、ゲフリー美術館)。趣ある時代のインテリア、庭園、アフタヌーンティー、そのすべてがあり、しかも1年のほとんどの日に無料で見ることができるという良いことづくめです。 2枚目の写真のように、庭のパーゴラに私のイーゼルが隠されています。