[By James Hobbs in London] Think of a square in London, and it will probably be Trafalgar Square or Leicester Square, perhaps Parliament or Sloane. Among the paved piazzas are hundreds of garden squares, providing greenery and tranquility in the centre of the city. With the arrival of spring, they are probably at their best. They can fill with workers, students, dog walkers and tourists at the mere hint of sunshine. But more than just havens, these squares usually reveal insights into London’s history. There’s usually a board by the entrance that tells its story. Cavendish Square (top image): situated behind the John Lewis department store on Oxford Street, this […]


[By San Francisco Bay Area Sketchers in San Francisco] On April 7, 2018, San Francisco Sketchers were invited to go to the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary for a private tour of the hidden gardens created by the inmates. It was a prison for the worst criminals, and was closed in 1963. Escape was supposedly impossible since the island is in the middle of San Francisco Bay where the water is very cold, 45F (7C). Rumors of sharks were also a deterrent. (Above: Path through the gardens on the east side of the island, by Barbara Gao) Our tour guide Lynn, by Mark Simmons Lynn Makowsky, who works for the Golden Gate National Parks […]


[イタリア、パレルモのマリア・フランチェスカ・スタラバによるゲスト投稿] [イタリア語からの翻訳:Béliza Mendes] 私は庭園への情熱から、プレインエア・ドローイングでは植物が豊富で快適な場所を選びます。先日もパレルモ植物園(上のスケッチ参照)で、レオン・デュフールニーの旅行記を読みながら、巨大なイチジクの木陰でスケッチをしました。デュフールニはフランスの建築家で、1700年代後半にこの庭園の最も古い部分のいくつかを設計した。ヴィッラ・デッレ・ニシェミとヴィッラ・デッレ・ファヴァーレの庭園は、その他のエキゾチックな植物や亜熱帯の種が特徴的である。これらの植物は、パレルモの [...] を囲んでいた種の歴史的な記録を表しています。

Many shades of green in Andalucía, from Cádiz to Jerez de la Frontera.

Drawings by Sharon Frost. Cádiz. Alameda Apodaca. Un pescador. (A fisherman) Stephen Leyendo en la Alameda Apodaca — nuestra última mañana en Cádiz.dd caption.  (Stephen reading in the Alameda — our last morning in Cádiz.) Jerez de la Frontera. Barrio Santiago. Casa Rosalleda.  Calcetines en el tenedor en el jardín.  (Socks on the line in the garden). Santiago es uno de los barrios gitanos históricos en la  Ciudad  Vieja de Jerez.  (Santiago is one of the historic gypsy barrios in the Old  City of Jerez. Blog:  Day Books


[By Marcia Milner-Brage, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA] In autumn, the change of the season is always a shock, a poignant time, here in the Upper Midwest. In the first days of November, even with the waning light, tuberous begonias were at their peak in outside window boxes; my kitchen garden was still supplying peppers and fresh herbs; annuals and perennials were still offering brilliant color.  And then the inevitable: a cold, prairie wind brought the hard frost and blew down the leaves. And everything that required warmth died. The world outside went from vibrant color to a muted palette. Here, the backyard garden as seen from my studio window. […]



ノースカロライナ州ローリーの雑誌「Walter」にUrban Sketchersの記事が掲載されました。


Potfest weekend in the Lake District

This weekend, John and I made a flying visit to the Lake District. We leapt in the car on Friday night straight after work:  We have some old friends who live right on the northern border of the national park, very close to the coast, and they invited us to visit and go to Potfest with them on Saturday.  We have been once before: it’s an outdoor event, in the huge gardens of Hutton-in-the-Forest, showcasing some really exciting ceramics in the shadow of the castle. Artists come from all over the world to show their latest work and it’s incredibly varied.  The weather was a bit iffy all weekend and we had […]

More Spanish drawing, across New York City, as the term moves to a close.

At this point I can’t get on the subway without trying to think in Spanish, or at least read. And since I do so much drawing in the subway as well I’m beginning to associate the two. And I suppose I’m beginning to draw in Spanish. Inevitable. My husband have both been studying Spanish for years at the Cervantes Institute in New York City, in between trips to Spanish-speaking places.  The garden there, just outside the library,  is a delightful place to read (and draw). . I love the word I just learned: refunfuñón (grouch), although it bears no relation to my most frequent subject:, the very same husband. Sketchblog: […]