[By Marcia Milner-Brage on Little Saint Simons Island, Georgia, USA]      When on this private island, an eco-resort, off the southern coast of Georgia, my joy is to bask in the purity of a wild place. My passion is to bike and draw, usually by myself. Alone, except for when I join my husband and the other 10-30 guests for meals around the communal table, the solitude rejuvenates me. Over the past 17 years, my husband and I have visited 14 times. For the past seven, I’ve done drawings. On the Beach Road from the lodge to the seven-mile, pristine, white-sand beach, I came out of the maritime forest and […]


[アメリカ・ジョージア州ダリエン、マーシャ・ミルナー・ブラージュ記】ダリエンは、大西洋に注ぐ潮流の川、アルタマハ川の河口にあるジョージア州の小さな町である。ダリエンは、ジョージア州サバンナとフロリダ州ジャクソンビルのほぼ中間に位置する。10月下旬、夫と私は、近くのジョージア州の堡礁島に長期滞在するために、一晩滞在しました。川沿いにはエビ漁船がずらりと並んでいる。船からは長い竿が箸のように突き出ている。この船は干潮時に出航し、竿に取り付けた網を投げるのだろう。網は底に沈む。網が引き上げられると、締め上げられる [...]...


[by Ekaterina Khozatskaya in Saint-Petersburg, Russia] Sofia Melnikova’s Fantastic Douqan Sitting under the shade of grapevines during the sunny afternoon, eating khinkali, drinking wine. Linville Floral interior, you can see the flowers even on the ceiling. Velvet old armchairs and the smell of country old house. Billy Holiday’s playing. One of the bars located on the territory of the Fabrica Hostel The most hipster place in Tbilisi and very loud. Warm spring evening, glasses are full of wine, many beautiful people around, some are accompanied with dogs. Drinking lemonade on the terrace of the hotel Kopala, after walking around armenian district. Ezo – our fave. Contemprorary georgian. Cafe Gabriadze Rezo […]


[Guest post by Debora Grosse in Georgia, USA] I caught the history sketching bug on a trip to Gettysburg in 2013. Thousands of secular pilgrims gathered to honor those who had fought on the site 150 years earlier. Countless volunteers, like these reenactors above from North Carolina, brought the Civil War to life. I returned home very excited. The sesquicentennial would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to follow the progress of the war near my home in Atlanta. As often as I could, I visited the sites of significant events on their anniversaries. Though I knew little about the war when I began, the storyline became clear when I saw the […]


[By Marcia Milner-Brage on Little Saint Simons Island, Georgia, USA] I have visited this slip of land off the southern coast of Georgia a dozen times over 15 years. In January, I returned once again for six days. In-between visits, Little Saint Simons Island is the place I visualize to calm my restless mind. When there, I find solitude and renewal surrounded by nature. There, Mosquito Creek (above) wends its way through the salt marsh, rising and falling with the tides and reaching the Atlantic Ocean a few miles away. It was unusually blustery and cool during our stay. These egrets and ibis found a sheltered spot on a limb […]

Travelling solo and sketching in Tbilisi, Georgia

Guest post by Soroshi Michelle, in Tbilisi, Georgia Early this October I had the opportunity to leap into a spontaneous, solo adventure to the charming city of Tbilisi in Georgia. When you travel alone, you have the freedom to move at your own pace. This gave me plenty of time to fill in my sketchbook. I usually draw from photographs, not from direct observation. However, of late, I have become attracted to drawing on location. I draw in antique blue ink with a fountain pen – the Lamy, since this allows for different thicknesses with a single nib.  The first morning sketch over a breakfast of Khinkali (dumplings) and a […]


[By Marcia Milner-Brage, on Little Saint Simons Island, Georgia, USA]  I’ve come to this barrier island off the south Georgia coast for close to fifteen years. I come to be in nature. I come to draw and paint. I come for a break from my urban existence. Here, I feel most alive. The maritime forest is dense with large trees, draped with Spanish moss and cloaked with resurrection ferns. The understory is palmetto. Overhead, there is a screeching and tweeting and tapping cacophony of birds. For me, it is the primeval forest. Little Saint Simons Island is a private island. It’s been saved from rampant real estate development like on […]


ジョン・スタインベックは、「ロシアの日記」(1947年)の中でこう書いています。「私達がロシアの何処にいても、モスクワでも、ウクライナでも、 スターリングラードでも、グルジアという魔法のような名前が、 絶えず出て来た。そこに行ったことがなく、おそらくそこに行くことができ ない人々は、一種の憧れと偉大な賞賛でグルジアのことを話しまし た。彼らは、グルジア人がスーパーマンであり、大酒飲みで、大 踊り好きで、大音楽家で、大労働者で、恋人であると話し ていた。そして、彼らは、コーカサスと黒海の周りの国を、一種の第二の天国のように話した。実際、我々は、ほとんどのロシア人は、もし彼らが非常に良い、徳の高い生活を送るならば、彼らは[...]することを望むと信じるようになりました。