Who is the center of the world?

Madrid. Christmas Eve in the morning. Gran Vía. I go up high and look at everything from above. I have no vertigo. I love it. I spent my childhood living in a twelfth floor. I don´t remember the last time I was looking out from above and paying attention at all. I change the point of view and suddenly things look different: People are mosquitos and ants, cars are cockroaches. Suddenly life changes and Madrid is like a toy-city run by someone bigger and more powerful. Everyday problems seem nonsenses considering everything that surrounds us, and how we look like insects from above … Isn´t silly that sometimes we think we are […]


何もないところから多くのことを成し遂げたGran Víaの絵の数々。この絵は、すべての人生における、そのような絵である。