I Shook My Groove Thing

[Melanie Reim in New York City] Yes, it is true. I am an old disco queen. I went from rocking out to David Bowie, when the songs were new, to leaving home at 11pm, totally dolled up, only to roll into work at Newsweek Magazine the next morning after dancing the night away. So, you can imagine my joy when Mid-Summer Night Swing at Lincoln Center hosted Disco Night. Every night for two weeks, the plaza is mobbed with people who seriously come to dance to all kinds of music, and then, the voyeurs, like me. Everybody loves everybody on these nights. People dance with those they come with, and those […]


[By Melanie Reim in Santo Domingo] It’s no secret that I spend much of my down time in my adopted country, the Dominican Republic. When I was invited to judge the national art competition for Diario Libre at the end of May, I was so excited to being going “home” again- and tried to make the most of a few days. In no particular order…

私の最初の100日 パート1

[By Melanie Reim in New York City] It’s just about 100 days or so since Election Day in the US. So many of us here now characterize our time as before and after, a chilling reminder of how significantly times have changed overnight. It is an historical time, and when history happens, artists rise and go to work to supply visual documentation to the world around us, simply to record. I am a little behind posting like many of our colleagues here have. It would be insincere to say that this has not been a bonanza for figure drawing and reportage. It is in this spirit that I offer some […]


マレーシア・ペナン出身のアーバンスケッチャーKiah Kiean Ch'ngとアメリカ・ニューヨーク出身のMelanie Reimがタッグを組み、線描画をテーマにしたパワー溢れるワークショップを開催します!世界はぶつかり合い、インクは飛び散る。建築物や人物を描く情熱とそのプロセス、そしてその両方の組み合わせを、KKの悪名高い手作りの小枝とメラニーの信頼できるカートリッジペンを使って、ワシントン州シアトル周辺で2日間にわたって探求します。挨拶とアーティストによる作品のプレゼンテーションの後、シアトルのマーケットやその他の場所を探索し、建築の威厳と人々の群衆に焦点を当て、その目や専門知識を通して行動する[...]...


[Melanie Reim & Veronica Lawlor] On Election Day in the USA, urban sketchers Melanie Reim and Veronica (Ronnie) Lawlor decided to document together at the Javits Center, NYC, where Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton planned an election night event for her supporters. Here is their conversational account of the day, and some of their drawings: Ronnie, the thrill that I experienced at the voting booth as I ticked off Hillary’s name for President yesterday came as a bit of a surprise for me. I was completely convinced that she was the right choice, but all along, her gender was not the biggest reason for my vote. But, there it was. A […]


[By Melanie Reim on Cape Cod]  The sky is as clear and crisp today in New York as it was so many days on Cape Cod this past summer. But the air is filled with an aura of nervous anticipation-“Doomsday” keeps running through my mind- and then, I thought, I will choose to think about my “Dunes Days!” Corny? Yes, perhaps, but the clown standing opposite my candidate has challenged HER and made us dread what might happen should he succeed. Doomsday for sure. OK. Before I move onto Urban Sketching, if you have the right, get out and VOTE. My stay on the Cape was nothing short of magical. […]

Pride Without Prejudice(プライドなき偏見

[By Melanie Reim in New York City] There are barely words to describe being witness to the Pride Parade in New York City today, but I will try. Jubilation, reverence, defiance, happiness, indignation, respect, fun, honor, fun, fearless, free and of course, pride. All there, multiplying those messages with every group that congregated, every flag that flew, every float that passed, every heel, garter, eyelash, wig, flower, proposal and kiss. What a day to celebrate that no matter who you are and why you came. It was all about to love and respect each other. You can see other drawings here.


[By Melanie Reim in Spain] For over thirty years, I have lived in New York City, on Riverside Drive-but I do not face the river from my apartment. In fact, I have one of those quintessential stories, where I face a brick wall, with a little sliver of sky above, so my apartment is not quite a dungeon. You can imagine, then, my delight, when I can see for miles outside of any window, or roof. While I recently traveled through Andalucia, with many great hosts from our sketching community, I saw endless geometries of tiled roofs in Malaga and white home in Cadiz. It was a drawer’s dream. More […]

スティル バーニング

[By Melanie Reim, New York City, Washington Square Park] Well, part of my sabbatical experience/promise to ME, is to get out and draw more- so although this post is not related directly to my sabbatical project, it is about getting out there and experiencing through drawing on location, all the happenings out and around me. **This is not necessarily an indication of where my vote has gone in NY-thought it might be :)-  just covering a happening! On the eve of the Democratic debate in NY, and a few days before the primary, masses of peoples were heading towards Washington Square Park in NY. It was one of the first of […]