USkニュース:アイルランド、ゴールウェイで新しいワークショップ "A Stage And Its Stars!"

Join Miguel Herranz, Inma Serrano and Róisín Curé for three days in beautiful Galway, Ireland July 13-15. Located on the west coast of Ireland, Galway is considered the “most Irish” of all of Ireland’s cities. Sketchers will experience the medieval roots and lively summer atmosphere of this coastal beauty. You may even see seals.  For more information about this workshop please click here.

USk News: new workshop in Rotterdam “Urban(E)Scapes PYSB Rotterdam”

USk is pleased to announce a new workshop led by Isabel Carmona, Inma Serrano, and Miguel Herranz. Join the instructors as they explore the vibrant and culturally rich life of Rotterdam. This three day workshop (August 23 – 26, 2017) will include exploration of the area’s architecture and people. For more information about this workshop please click here.

アーバン(E)スケープス PYSBロッテルダム2017

Contact: to get a registration form Rotterdam, in the South of Holland, is a city full of history and Europe’s largest port – it is known for its culture and university, its riverside setting and maritime heritage. The city was almost completely destroyed during WWII and its architectural regeneration and progress shines in Europe; it was named 2015 European City of the Year by the Academy of Urbanism. In this workshop, we want to explore the city’s vibrancy and cultural richness and diversity, we will look into its past to understand its present. To do so we consider the moving environment, as much of people in the city daily life […]

A Stage And Its Stars!アーバンスケッチワークショップ in ゴールウェイ 2017年7月13日~15日開催

All Of Life’s A Stage! Urban Sketching Workshop in Galway, Ireland: 13th-15th July 2017 Who was it that said “All of life’s a stage” ? For no one is that more true than for an urban sketcher. The urban setting is your stage…the passers-by are the dramatis personae…and the whole is about telling a story. This summer, join Miguel Herranz, Inma Serrano and Róisín Curé for three days of urban sketching in Galway, Ireland. Galway is a harbour city on Ireland’s west coast and it’s often referred to as the “most Irish” of Ireland’s cities. Its history dates back to the medieval times, when it was in its heyday; vestiges […]

6月にブリストルで開催された「Life Stories - Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries」の様子です。

Contact: for information and a registration form. Bristol, in the heart of South West England, has a distinctive identity as sustainable city – it has earned European Green Capital status and has a vibrant art, cultural and social scene. Whilst preparing this workshop we approached various groups in Bristol to engage with their work and their approach of creating a better social environment and we have teamed with the Brandon Trust, a local charity supporting adults and children with learning disabilities and autism. Specifically, we will be based at Elm Tree Farm, a social enterprise enabling people  with learning disabilities and autism to gain working skills and access employment. […]

PYSBワークショップレビュー3 - マラガの光と影

Malaga in August is hot! Light and Shade was a great topic to explore in Luis’s hometown. What a treat! The workshop explored line quality with Miguel Herranz, building’s and people’s rhythms with Luis Ruiz and watercolour painting with Isabel Carmona.   Three non stop days in very magical city, with squares, cathedral, plenty of people and cafes, market, museums and monuments, spectacular trees, and great food.   We were warmly welcomed by the Fundacion Pablo Picasso Casa Natal and were able to use their teaching room to house our “cool” sessions and exhibition wall.  From there we set off on the final day to our sketch meet with the […]

Light & Shade, Málaga, SPAIN, August 25-28

Contact: e-mail Isabel: for information and a registration form If there is something that truly defines the ancient port city of Málaga it would be its vitality. Life bristles among classic examples of architecture like the cathedral or the islamic fortress and the mismatched facades that face the Mediterranean. The gentle weather makes is a meeting point for tourists from all over the world and makes it possible that in its luxuriant gardens and parks grow subtropical plants from the five continents that bloom every time of the year. Málaga is also the city where Pablo Picasso was born. It is precisely the master’s birthplace where the venue for […]

Pushing Your Sketching Boundaries: OXFORD WORKSHOP 2015

This is our second workshop in Oxford where we combined our skills to provide a great variety of insight on the breadth of urban sketching, Swasky focused on people, Isabel on colour and Miguel on line.   This year we had our base at the Museum of Oxford within the Town Hall complex right in the centre of Oxford.  Not only did we meet there at the beginning of each session but we put together an exhibition from with the tutors and students work that was displayed in their gallery space during July 2015. Each tutor explored element of their own expertise: Isabel worked in watercolour She asked participants to […]

USk News: Oxford, UK Workshop “Pushing your Sketching Boundaries”

13 June 2015 Coming soon…Pushing Sketching your Boundaries Workshop in Oxford, UK! July 08-12, 2015 Join Urban Sketchers Isabel Carmona, Miguel Herranz and Swasky for 3 full days workshop that will get you to know Oxford intimately and to develop your personal urban sketching techniques. For more information or to register for this workshop please visit