Space Shuttle tank finds new home

[By Mike Sheehan in Los Angeles] I love drawing in the middle of chaos. I think it’s my version of dancing. In my mind it’s all rhythm and motion and hyper-awareness. From my last experience sketching the Shuttle Parade, nothing is more fun and chaotic than that. Going through my sketchbooks, I remembered I had also sketched the Shuttle Endeavour as it flew over Disneyland. When I heard ET-94, the fuel tank from the shuttle, would be making its way through the streets of Los Angeles, I was in. These events create a weird magical day where everybody in the city decides to be amazing and nice to each other, […]


Editor’s note: Sketch artist Mike Sheehan is a regular contributor in Off Ramp, a radio show that broadcasts on 89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio. In this guest post, he shares some of his work and talks about his sketching process. The sketches are excerpted from his recent story: Immigration news: Sketches of Murrieta and the undocumented migrants debate. By Mike Sheehan When I go to cover one of these events I bring a big toolbag with wheels, like luggage, a small bag of acrylics and my everyday sketch bag that has a small watercolor set. I never know what the conditions will be and what I’ll need. The immigration […]