Sketching an old Spanish mission in New Mexico

[Guest post by Erik Madsen in Santa Fe, New Mexico] Located about half way between Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico is the old Spanish village of Las Trampas. The centerpiece of the community is the beautiful San Jose de Gracia Church, completed in 1776. The church is very well noted for its Spanish Colonial mission design. It has been in continuous use since inception. Constructed of adobe, mud and plaster, the church has 4-6 foot thick walls, which require nearly constant maintenance . The day of these sketches, numerous volunteers were working on the exterior plaster walls in what can only be described as a labor of love. A magnificent […]


フォグシティからこんにちはカリフォルニアの旱魃のため、冬は例年になく乾燥していましたが、そのおかげで街中に頻繁にスケッチに出かけることができました。 ミッション・ドローレスの墓地は平和で瞑想的な場所で、絵を描くのに最適です。 ミッションの奥深く、24番街にある。 日本町でのスケッチも大好きです。紙やペンなどの画材が豊富で、中央の広場は人間観察に最適です。湾の向こうのアラメダでは、一枚岩の構造物をたくさん見つけて、スケッチに没頭しました。

Mission San José

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Mission San José on the south side of San Antonio. The mission was founded in 1720, and has remained an active parish continuously for almost 300 years. That’s pretty old for the United States, especially west of the Mississippi River. by Paul Heaston