Watercolor Apocalypse at the Theatre Rialto

So there I was, sketching up in Outremont, at the Theatre Rialto on Parc. It’s a beautiful day, I’m thinking I’m just going to hang out and do a nice sketch.  Little did I know I was heading into The Watercolor Apocalypse. The story goes like this: Wow, this is such a cool building, I really dig the repetition in the façade. But it’s sort of a flat fronted thing, and I’m jammed up close to it, what can I do to make this more exciting? I know! How about a really aggressive line drawing in ink – I won’t even worry about perspective, this will be really cool! Oh […]


I´m Portuguese, but Spain has been my home for the past 5 years. Nonetheless, I try my best to preserve each language in its due place and speak or write correctly and fluently both of them. But here, it seems I accidentally got confused, mixing this word (that means “travellers”) somewhere between Portuguese and Spanish, while drawing this 3 bus commuters… It could have been “Viajantes” or “Viajeros”, but never “viajeiros”!?! Not to worry! It´s nothing that a red ballpoint pen can´t fix! After all, that´s also what my sketchbooks are all about: truthfulness 🙂

Selling short

Normally I try to be as accurate as possible in depicting how many floors a building has unless it is extremely tall or has a confusing relationship between windows and actual floors. Every now and then, compositional issues and/or just plain laziness rear their ugly head and I mess up. The Enclave Apartment building in San Antonio, Texas, USA has 21 floors but in my haste to fit everything on the page I somehow drew it with only 14. I hope the residents at the top aren’t too put out that their homes no longer exist. by Paul Heaston