A few years ago the “Victoria and Albert Museum” in London conducted the Exhibition “DAVID BOWIE IS”. This became itinerant and moved to Chicago, Sao Paulo or Berlin. Last year, at the thought that perhaps did not move for Barcelona, I decided to view it in Paris. This is part of what I saw on March 3, 2015 at the Philharmonie de Paris. An exhibition reviewing Bowie’s entire career, highlighting the costumes of different eras and important objects for him as scores, letters or objects in videos or movies. The exhibition continues to go from city to city … Don’t miss the opportunity to draw on the exhibition

プリマヴェーラ・サウンド14 バルセロナ


Meet the correspondent: BARCELONA, Spain > Sagar Fornies

“I think Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world for drawing on the street. The climate and the architectural richness it contains help a lot. Therefore, I think that limit my work as illustrator to draw indoor is a crime. Thank to some professors at university I discovered the taste for sketching. But it was in recent years, coinciding with the discovery of all these people who shared their images on the blog, when I intensified my love for sketching. Now it is me as a teacher, who tries to express a taste for going outside and enjoy drawing. I’m working as an illustrator in Barcelona since […]

WST – Malaga meeting

So last week I went to Malaga to meet some usk friends and join the classes in UNIA. Five incredible days with a lot of good draws and classes. Was nice to meet in real life the sketchers that I just know over web. New friends, new perspectives of drawing, new colors. Life is sharing and World Sketching Tour is more than a simple sketch tour! Thank you all for those days and see you soon in Barcelona. Now lets sketch Sevilla 🙂 Me and a great group of Urban Sketchers in Malaga, Spain  Sketch i’ve done inspired by Inma Serrano, thank you very much dear friend! 🙂 This is […]