A few years ago the “Victoria and Albert Museum” in London conducted the Exhibition “DAVID BOWIE IS”. This became itinerant and moved to Chicago, Sao Paulo or Berlin. Last year, at the thought that perhaps did not move for Barcelona, I decided to view it in Paris. This is part of what I saw on March 3, 2015 at the Philharmonie de Paris. An exhibition reviewing Bowie’s entire career, highlighting the costumes of different eras and important objects for him as scores, letters or objects in videos or movies. The exhibition continues to go from city to city … Don’t miss the opportunity to draw on the exhibition

プリマヴェーラ・サウンド14 バルセロナ



I hope to participate in the blog more often. But I had too much work these months and not only have I been able to publish drawings, but that I could not do it. But I have good news (at least for me). For weeks I’m doing drawings for a new book Barcelona. How Many You stand short time ago, maybe you can serve to remind some of the sites you sketched this last summer. These are some of the first drawings. Winter makes it more difficult to advance it, as it gets dark very early and it’s cold on the street to draw. I’m very happy because I can […]

Escape from Barcelona.

Hello everyone. During the last weeks, I thought I could show my first post. Being from Barcelona, ideally thought something of my city, but all you have taught many drawings of Barcelona. And I’ll have much time to do it too. So I decided to make a graphical overview of my vacation. After the symposium I went with some friends to the south of France to listen to Neil Young in concert. We took the opportunity to taste wines and see castles. My next destination was Vienna, I wanted to go to Egypt but the situation is dangerous, so I returned the tickets and went to Austria promised to be […]

le rallye de monte-carlo historique – 2 crossing visions

by lapin by sagar yesterday, for the departure of the 15th “rallye monte-carlo historique“, sagar and I met in barcelona to sketch this racing cars from 1955 to 1980. by lapin by sagar it’s fascinating to look at the 2 very different ways we choose to sketch this event. I spent my time sketching few detailed models while sagar choose to represent the ambiance of the show on the cathedral place. I like that the “true” representation of it is not one or the other, but the juxtaposition of our 2 visions. by lapin by sagar it was especially delightful, you know how much I love vintage cars… and better […]