by Simo Capecchi My first pages in Paraty has been the most detailed ones, before the Urban Sketchers Symposium started last August and everybody arrived so that I was too busy meeting new and old friends. On the third day I went to paint reflections on the river at Joao Catarino workshop, almost an hypnotic experience – good to forget about lines for a while… but I couldn’t help adding some lines later on, watching some guys fishing, standing on the railing of the bridge. Thanks to Urban Sketchers that let me explore the world, one page at a time. Looking forward to our next Singapore meeting! More pages here.


パラティに関する投稿が大変遅くなってしまいましたが、この場を借りて、ユニークで素晴らしい経験をさせていただいたシンポジウム委員会と現地のオーガナイザーにお礼を申し上げたいと思います。パラティは、石畳の美しい小さなコロニアル都市です。これらは、680 x 240mmという大きなサイズのインクと水彩画の作品です。私のブログでは、モレスキンのラージジャパニーズアルバムに描いたパラティに関する他のスケッチを見ることができます。お楽しみに


Sadly, the wonderfully inspiring 5th Usk symposium had to come to an end eventually (sigh). So many goodbyes! On Sunday, I felt quite melancholy as I sat alone, painting this picture: But, I needn’t have worried: it was only a pause in the action.  The next morning, I packed up my gear and left Paraty (although those stones did their level best to stop me): But I wasn’t headed home just yet. I got a bus (an extremely comfortable bus, as it happens) bound for Rio, with my sketch-buddies Liz, Esther and Suhita. It took over 4 hours, but we chatted the time away to nothing. When we got there, we […]


I’d like to tell you a bit about the Afraid of Colour? sketching workshops I ran for the Symposium, especially for those who weren’t in Paraty, as we had rather more drama than anticipated…  Even before I left the UK, the weather forecasters were saying that my first and main teaching day was going to be dreadful weather. They predicted heavy rain. I had one 3.5 hour workshop first thing and another all afternoon. My allocated spot was lovely – a grassy area by the harbour, with colourful boats… …and of course, the lovely houses we found everywhere, with brightly coloured windows and doors. I guided my group there on Thursday morning and found a […]


Before the symposium, I had a full day to get my bearings in Paraty, so I decided to use one of the concertina sketchbooks I made recently to record my day and what I could see as I walked around. I started with the Santa Rita (nicknamed ‘Liz’s Church’, after Liz Steel of course, because it was her workshop spot). I was drawing alongside many fellow sketchers and one of them crept into shot – that’s Flavio Ricardo, looking like an ant: Then I went off to explore on my own. Round the corner was my own workshop spot, which included the fish market. Round the back was a view of the sea, but […]


ブラジルのパラティで開催された第5回アーバンスケッチシンポジウムに参加しました。このイベントがなければ、南米で初めて訪れる国として、特に距離と言葉の問題から、この国を訪れることはなかったでしょう。ブラジルの人たちはフレンドリーで、親切で、地に足が着いていて、ちょっとシャイな人たちです(私が滞在中に経験した限りでは)。よく、"I'm sorry, my English is not good. "と言っているのを耳にします。この気持ちは、私たち日本人にもよく見受けられます。外国人観光客とコミュニケーションをとりたい、助けたいという気持ちはあっても、日本人は日常生活でほとんど英語を使わないので、語学力に限界があるのです。そこで、[...]...


ブラジルに滞在した10日間で、どれだけの楽しみと親睦とインスピレーションが詰まったか、言葉では言い表せないほどです。 アーバンスケッチャーズシンポジウムの雰囲気は、いつも興奮と創造性に満ちていますが、今年は間違いなく特別なものでした。それは、ブラジルの人たちがとても素敵で、フレンドリーで、楽しいことが大好きなホストファミリーだったからかもしれません(私たちは大いに盛り上がりました!)。 パラティが完璧な場所だったからかもしれません。とても静かできれいで、私たちが占領してしまうほど小さく、文字通りほとんどの日が夜明けから日暮れまで、スケッチャーたちがすべての通りに散らばっていたのですから。 また、この町が[...]であることも一因かもしれません。


On my way to the wonderful UsK Symposium in Paraty i stopped in São Paulo. The largest metropolis of the southern hemisphere is just overwhelming. One and a half day spent between crumbling skyscrapers, colonial churches and fancy museums. I´m back from Paraty now, and i am already speculating where the Symposium might be next year! What do you think?