Missing you all guys

So nice to be again in Barcelona last weekend. We were sketching the view from Miguel´s terrace and had too much fun. I miss you all guys.


時々、私たち夫婦は、子供たちを置いて、自分たちだけで小旅行をすることにしています。この週末に北部に小旅行したときのスケッチです。 最初に立ち寄ったのはナザレで、歴史に満ちた美しい街でした。ナザレで食べたフムスは最高でした!マーケット近くの通りでの簡単なスケッチ。 ティベリアから最大の湖、キナーレへの眺め。

The day before the Symposium

Well, I am finally getting into scanning my symposium sketches from Lisbon. Like everyone else I had a wonderful time and it is amazing how much the buzz is continuing online now that we are all home. There is far too much to take in on the 3 days so it will be lovely in the coming weeks to really take the time to look at everyone elses amazing work. I arrived on the Tuesday evening so had a full day on the Wednesday to sketch and meet people. It was fairly crazy as no matter where I went I ran into sketchers – and there was so many options […]

View from my patio

view from my patio in San Diego California Watercolor in a watercolor moleskine