Vulci’s Swimming Hole

Hidden in the dusty rolling hills of Lazio, quite near the southern border of Tuscany, is a stunning swimming hole; a hidden part of the archeological park of Vulci.  The Fiora River falls into the basin from small waterfalls and on the day my family visited, attracted a large group of hippies with guitars. Brave (or stupid) young men climbed high on the rocks and jumped to the deep waters below. I found a large smooth rock to sit on as I drew the scene before me, with my feet in the water. Vulci was a large and wealthy Estruscan city. But, it’s long gone now. It reached its peak […]


A rare pencil sketch from me from a hot, hot day in Central Italy. Vulci was an ancient Etruscan then Roman town, now a museum. Here’s a tip: there is a terrific swimming hole a short walk away… and here is the pictured path to it.