Outra paragem de autocarro de Århus.

This is another sketch from one of my regular stops in town, this one in Emil Vetts Passage behind the department store Magasin. The shops put up the first Christmas decorations a week ago, and Magasin has lighted trees in big red flowerpots at the doors.
Window displays aren’t too pushily christmas-themed in most shops yet, and I’m glad – I don’t want to be fed up with the holiday a month before it’s here! When it comes to all the (christmas)lights put up around town I don’t mind – it’s nice to see lights in the trees, strung across streets, and down facades. The days are already so short in November, and often enough we don’t get to see the sun at all for clouds and even the days are dark. Any help available to brighten things up a bit is much appreciated.
I sketched this on the spot while waiting for my bus, then added detail and colours after I got home.


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