INDONESIA’S SKETCHERS (sketchers gathering, Okt 10, 2009)

Members of Indonesia’s Sketchers (IS) community met for the first time on Saturday, October 10, 2009 in the yard of Fatahillah Museum, Jakarta. Before then, they communicated to each others via Facebook (

The community founded by Atit Dwi Indarty is the first national sketchers community in Indonesia. It consists of members with different profession, such as designers, illustrators, visualiser, and architects, and also those who are interested in sketching. In the future, the IS plans to hold monthly meeting, to go hunting together, and to hold sketch exhibition.




Below are my sketches drawn during the historical moment. Please enjoy!

Brunch before sketching



The IS members were drawing sketches in the yard of Fatahillah Museu, Jacarta.


HERMES is a bronze statue originated from the colonial Dutch. Before now, the statue was located in the crossroad of Harmoni, Jacarta. In 1999, the statue was damaged. To save it from total destruction, it was then moved to Fatahillah Museu. The Hermes statue that can be found in Harmoni at present is only the replica.

Ojek Sepeda * in front of the museum seems like it is well organized. The well maintained bikes and the uniformed drivers attract visitors to use their services.

*a public transportation using a bicycle.

Street Merchant of Otak-otak Ikan*

A kind of food made of ground Spanish mackerel wrapped in banana leaf, which is baked and added with ground peanut, ketchup, and chili sauce. It costs 1000 rupiahs each.

Two Drivers

I made this sketch on my way home from the IS meeting. On the left is the Trans Jakarta (bus way) driver in his neat look, with a tie and a coat. On the right is the KOPAJA driver with his simply appearance.

Taking a bus way, the shock it creates is not as bad as the KOPAJA does. The result is also different…


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