Sydney Sketchcrawl 26

A really great sketchcrawl today – 14 people and we explored the most important and historic street in Sydney on a gloriously warm (but not hot) summers day!!

100227 Sketchcrawl 20_02 St Marys
St Mary’s Cathedral – ‘warming up’ for the day – actually ‘slowing down’ is more accurate.

100227 Sketchcrawl 20_04 Barracks
The Hyde Park Barracks is the first refined building to be built in Australia. I have been reading some architectural history in preparation for today – so added some notes down the side.
I had the strangest shaky hand at this time – look at my linework. At work I normally purposefully draw wobbly architectural lines but this was me trying to draw straight. Don’t know what caused it as I felt calm – just my hand was shaking! Weird!

100227 Sketchcrawl 20_05 St James
Next, another important building by Francis Greenway – my hand was back to normal now – I would love to go back and sketch some more…

Group photo (I took the photo hence the insert) – 2 sketchcrawlers are missing.
Sketchbook group photo!
100227 Sketchcrawl 20_07 Hospital Courtyard
A few more looser sketches (starting to get tired) from the hospital courtyard – there is so much to sketch in this part of town.

Clique aqui a full description of the day including a sketch map, photos and sketches of 4 cups of earl grey tea. The best and most productive sketchcrawl ever – and in fact I am still buzzing from it!

Hope everyone else has as good a day as we did!!!


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