Teens Draw Montreal: Sábado, 12 de agosto de 2017

Adolescentes desenham Montreal is an exciting workshop designed for kids to explore their world through line and wash.

Date: Saturday, August 12, 2017 12 noon-3pm

Cost: $55 CAD

Location: Atwater Market, Montreal

Min participants: 8

Max participants: 15

Age Range: 13-19

will learn simple but powerful drawing techniques, including practice
with perspective, wash and ink, in a way that connects them with the
world on their own terms. Emphasis will be placed on observation, and
freedom of expression over perfection. Techniques to overcome fear of
the blank page will be explored and practiced.

is a powerful tool to help us tune in to the beauty around us … the
building on the corner with the cracked and missing bricks, the lone
person sitting in the bus shelter, the fallen leaf in the park. When we
take the time to observe these things with a sketcher’s eye, we find
ourselves more connected to them; to the place where we are. With the
world whizzing past us at a hundred miles an hour, how valuable it is to
take the time to slow down and actually see and interpret the place in
which we find ourselves.

Objectivos de aprendizagem 

confidence to just go for it. The only wrong way is to not do it at
all. Be patient with yourself, your skill will catch up with your good
taste (a very important and freeing first step). Follow through, even
when you think it’s ugly. Ugly can become beautiful.

30-45min, practical steps in using perspective and composition.
Worksheets will be given, and thumbnail exercises will be done, keeping
in mind perspective and tonal values. On site, students will be given 30
minutes to work up at least three different thumbnails of which we will
discuss the strengths before embarking on a final piece.

how to ditch the pencil and use ink line and wash to quick sketch.
Ditch the fear. This becomes easier as one gets better acquainted with
perspective techniques and thumbnail sketching. Encouragement and
feedback will be offered throughout, as well as exploring techniques to
make the task seem less daunting.

Fourth, we’ll talk
about collaboration as a way to overcome apprehension. After the first
hour, there will be a stretched 11×14 paper on board and participants
will be encouraged to approach it throughout the session and add
something to it based on the environment around us (optional).

Local do Workshop

– Atwater Market. Situated along the historic Lachine canal in Little
Burgundy, the art deco building encompasses a farmer’s market that first
opened in 1933.We may also venture a short distance away to historic Notre Dame Street.

Workshop Schedule – 3hrs

Noon-12:45pm – Meet on the boardwalk near the canal – greetings, attendance and intro to perspective techniques and thumbnails sketching demonstration and worksheets.

12:45-2:45pm – venturing to location near/at market and sketching together, with personalized feedback and tips – more focus on perspective and creating depth/composition. Changing location around the market every 30 min. Collaborative piece happening at the pace of the participants.

2:45-3pm – return to starting location. Share our work (optional), encouragements, final Q&A and feedback.

Supply list, please bring:



-drinking water


-watercolour or multimedia sketchbook, any portable size.

-paper towel (small amount for dabbing)


-something to carry it all in (backpack or shoulder bag)


(I will send a simple tutorial for an easy, inexpensive DIY watercolour
kit to all registered to prepare ahead of time. Not required, but
adding colour is an added layer of fun.)

Bonus (gifts provided by instructor):

-waterbrush. Great to use with watercolours or a water soluble fine tip marker (pilot pen)

-fine tip black pilot pen (water soluble)

Workshop Registration:

Contactar julie@julieprescesky.com for registration forms and space availability.

can pay via bank e-transfer to the above email address. Please also
email registration forms. Receipts will be issued.

Maximum number of Participants 15 (minimum 8)

Todos os níveis são bem-vindos

Registration Deadlines:

Registration and payment due by Date August 6, 2017.

Política de cancelamento:

the event of too few registrations, all monies will be refunded less
bank transfer fees. We are only able to provide refunds for participant
cancellations up to midnight, Saturday, August 5, 2017 with a
cancellation fee of $20. No refunds for cancellations after that date.


Sobre o Instrutor:

Prescesky has taught various art classes over the years, mainly to
children. Ranging from drawing, to printmaking, to urban sketching, she
has seen children (and adults) brighten and gain confidence.

is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, urban sketcher, illustrator,
and storyteller working alternately in watercolour, ink, textiles and
digital environments. She loves to explore how art and design intersect
with human nature – in how we find ourselves in the places that we are.
She’s invested in helping people, children particularly, discover the
profound benefits of adopting creative practices in daily life. She is
currently writing a series of novels for young adults and is part of the
Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Find out more at http://designinkarnation.com/about e a www.julieprescesky.com.  Find her on Instagram: @julieprescesky and twitter: @designink.

Area of specialty in sketching:

Um especialista em
urban quick sketch – capturing an idea or the essence of a place in a
short amount of time. This is something that needs continuous
self-reminders to just “let it happen”, coupled with a huge heaping
measure of self-grace. She is nearly never without her sketchbook.


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