Bolsas para Eventos Regionais

O Programa de Subsídio para Eventos Regionais da USK fornecerá uma equipe de comitês regionais com até $2.000 (USD) para promover o esboço urbano até o seu comitê e conectar a comunidade de esboçadores em torno de sua localidade.

Application open from October 7th 2022 to November 30th 2022

What is USk Regional Events?

USk Regional Events aim to connect grassroot sketching communities through USk Chapters.  

Sketchwalks and sharing programs are encouraged to fulfill the organization’s mission and promote camaraderie.  Lectures and Demos contribute educational components with sharing elements from the sketching community.

The objectives of the Regional Events Grant Program are to equip and assist USk Chapters in hosting bigger events than their regular chapter sketch outings;  build a stronger regional sketching community, empower Chapters to organize and create new types of events and activities, find ways to use Urban Sketching to reach out to communities beyond USk and, finally, create a more accessible, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for those who cannot attend the USk Symposium.  This allows sketchers from nearby communities who are not part of a chapter to sketch together with the USk community at-large.

With growing concerns of environmental impact for large-scale event hosting, Regional Events also provide accessible events with minimal travel, a chance to congregate and still sketch together with a more sustainable approach to offset carbon footprint impacts.  

Have you thought about hosting a regional sketching event but not sure how or where to start and unsure about programming sponsorship or logistics in putting together one?

Share with us your plans and event ideas. Let us know how we can help.

How and when can we apply?

Proposals will be accepted from October 7th 2022 to November 30th 2022

To apply, a USk team (local chapter and local USk instructor) must fill out the USk RegEv form.  You will need to brief us on the chapter(s) that will be involved in the Regional Event you propose to host and the program outline of the regional sketching event.

Which USk Chapters are eligible for a grant program?

Any Official  and active USk  chapter is eligible.  If there are no Official USk chapters where you are from, you may partner with at least one nearby USk chapter to host it in your city/town. 

How can the grant funds be used?

Justification can be supplemented in the proposal submission. You may propose funds to be used for :

  • Educational : travel for USk instructor or speaker to provide lecture/demo/workshop at the event
  • Operational and logistics : venue, print material costs, furniture or exhibition panel rental, furniture, supplies, other local transportation and other costs associated directly to the event

Reimbursement will be made only for expenses and amount approved for the Regional Events Grant Program.

Who will award the grants and how many grants will be awarded?

The grants will be evaluated by the Regional Events Grant Program committee and approved by USk Executive Board. 5 grants will be awarded as a part of the 2023 program.

The Regional Events Grant Program committee is made up of members of the Events, Membership and Education committees. 

When will we know if USk will award us the grant for our proposed event?

USk will take about 6-8 weeks from the closing date of application, for evaluation of the proposal, interview with shortlisted applicants and final review of your grant application.  During this time, we may get in touch with you for further information to understand the shortlisted grant proposal.  We will thereafter announce the awarded grants to our community through our official channels.

If you have not heard from us after 8 weeks, it is likely that the application is unsuccessful.  

What other support can USk give to us or our proposed event?

USk is ready to help with guidance and mentorship from Events, Membership, Education and Sponsorship committees; to support your team and connect other chapters or USk partners to your event.

Who can we contact for more information?

For more information feel free to contact :  and/or

Other Chapter events information, references and resources are available through Event Resources.

Application Form

To apply, a USk team (local chapter and local USk instructor) must fill out the USk RegEv form

Proposals will be accepted from October 7th 2022 to November 30th 2022.