Episode 17: Season Finale: We Talk Back

For our season finale, our 17th episode since early April, we took a look back at our experiment that turned into a weekly gathering for sketchers around the world.

Viewers were given a chance to participate in the You Talk Back episode with videos, sketches of the guests’ challenges, and even being invited on as guests. This episode highlighted the community of sketchers around the world, and the connections we are still able to make during this difficult time.

We also had fun showing some of the work that happens behind the scenes, and viewers got to hear from all of the USk Talks team members.

We rounded out the show with a visit from Rita Sabler, the USk Education Director, whose leadership guides the show each week. She and Rob talked about what to expect from season two, including a combination of well-established sketchers and new voices, and a spotlight on tool makers, as well as more amazing stories and inspiration from the community. Season two will also feature responses to our season finale challenge!

Season Finale Challenge: Send Us Your Reportage Proposal

Look around your community for compelling stories that can be told by drawing from direct observation. Do your research, email us your idea with a few sample sketches, and we will pick a proposal to develop into an episode for season two. More information. 

We would like to thank everyone who set your alarm clocks to catch us live, those who sketched the guests and responded to our challenges, and those who sent us encouraging comments and ideas. We can’t wait to see you again next season!

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