Episode 3: Stuck at Home! The Beauty in the Everyday

April 19, 2020 “Stuck at Home! The Beauty in the Everyday”

Róisín Curé talked to us from Galway, Ireland, where she is posting on her blog every day with new lockdown sketches. She likes drawing people more than anything and her family is made up of willing models, giving her the opportunity to record her memories of this time as sketches. Róisín reminds us to always look for the thing that you want to sketch. She’s also suggesting that for this week we sketch what we bake (or buy) by starting loosely with a brush and watercolor and only adding pen as details at the end.

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Challenge from Róisín:

Paint what you bake! (Or buy!) with direct watercolor. Pick what you think looks good and start with brush and big shapes.

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Santi Sallés is in Barcelona, working in his light-filled living room every day. He said that though nature is his speciality, during this time he is finding inspiration in his kitchen and says that since we are all cooking, we might as well draw our sauces, pastas and vegetables. Santi likes to draw items in a sequence and to show repetition, and has even shared sketched recipes on his Instagram.

Challenge from Santi:

Draw yourself in action! This is an introspective but fun challenge – draw yourself eating, cooking, resting, drawing, or involved in some other action. In Santi’s example, he uses a table as his main element, showing the context of the action, and adds text for additional context.

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