Evento USK Ed: Townsville Sketchfest - CANCELADO

Crédito de imagem: Gerakd Soworka Caros desenhadores Devido à actual pandemia de COVID-19, devo infelizmente anunciar que o Townsville Sketchest é cancelado para este ano. Este evento foi agendado para sexta-feira 5 - domingo 7 de Junho de 2020 e também se aplica à caminhada do sketch da Ilha Magnética na segunda-feira 8 de Junho. Isto é devido a [...]

Travessia Solo Trans-Tasman para a asma

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland]  Congratulations Scott Donaldson, the mad kiwi who yesterday completed the first ever solo kayak crossing of the Tasman Sea, from Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Australia, to Ngāmotu Beach, New Plymouth, New Zealand. The crossing is a ridiculous sounding 2200 kilometer paddle which apparently featured huge swells, an aggressive […]

Vectores e Marte Violet na lavadura das 6 horas

[Março e Abril (o nosso início do Outono) é uma óptima altura para esboçar esboços no sul da Austrália - o clima é ameno e estável, com a ameaça de queimadores de 40 graus atrás de nós (olá América, são 104 graus F). E onde melhor começar do que com o bom stock de [...]

Evoking memories along the coast of Victoria

[Guest post by Angela Williams in Melbourne, Australia] Returning home always provides the opportunity to revisit places of precious childhood memories. For me, many of these memories are of weekend or holiday walks and picnics, usually along the coast. My Christmas summer holiday break is always spent with my independent 97-year-old dad and my extended family […]

Dia perfeito para esboçar em Watson Bay

[Guest post by Rooi Ping Lim in Sydney, Australia] USK Sydney kicked off the 2018 New Year on a glorious summer day at Watson Bay, an iconic beach on the eastern suburb of Sydney. Watson Bay has lovely beaches, delicious seafood, views to awe anyone and abundant ‘sketchable’ spots for sketching-mad sketchers! A large group […]

Snapshots de um Verão australiano

[Guest post by Barbara Gao in Australia]  Over the Christmas break I went on a much anticipated trip to Australia. It was my first time setting foot in the Southern Hemisphere! After getting off a 14-hour red-eye flight, I arrived in Sydney at 9am. Although extremely jet-lagged and slightly delirious, I still set off immediately […]

O Cabide - Ponte do Porto de Sydney

[By Chris Haldane in Sydney] As this is my first post as a correspondent, I thought I’d like to share something from my city that is loved by tourists and locals alike, so I’ve gone back through my sketchbooks to find the Sydney Harbour Bridge (affectionately called The Coat Hanger by locals) from various viewpoints. […]

Meet the correspondent: Chris Haldane > Sydney, Australia

Drawing has always fascinated me. If my family couldn’t find me when I was a little girl, all they had to do was go to the bookshelf, and there I’d be, drawing in their books! Following a career in teaching, I’ve recently completed tertiary studies in art and am reveling in the time I now […]


[by Teo Cheng Huat ,Beijing, China] The Rozelle Collectors Market is Sydney’s favourite outdoor second hand, bric-a-brac and antique market. Good place to spend on weekend, food and entertain by local performance. Stallholders have been selling their pre-loved wares to an ever expanding audience in the grounds of the Rozelle Public School for over 20 […]

Olhando para cima (e para baixo) no Edifício Queen Victoria, em Sydney

[Stephanie Bower, Seattle, em Sydney] Gosto de um bom desafio de esboço! Uma manhã chuvosa de domingo, isto foi esboçado enquanto tomava o pequeno-almoço no edifício Queen Victoria no centro de Sidney e pintado mais tarde nessa mesma manhã no mesmo local. Gostei bastante do trabalho de linha, pois adoro captar vistas de perspectiva complicadas, por isso [...]